Amazing - Hummingbird nest

Baby Hummingbirds
Be sure to look at all 6 pages! :oo:

Awwww…I love hummingbirds! :heart::inlove:

Thanks for sharing. :muah:

I was sitting w/my mom on her deck this past weekend while I was in Rhode Island and we watched a hummingbird “play” in her hanging flowers. It was sooooooo cool, only the 2nd time I’ve ever seen one.

I’m sending her this link! Thanks.

That’s so cool Leslie! I’ve seen them in person just a few times, such an amazing sight to see!

awww thanks for sharing, i looked at all of them with my neice, she loved it!

We’ve hung hummingbird feeders for 3 years now, and they come. So far I’ve seen the same 4 (I think) dive bombing around. The first year they must have had babies because there was a swarm of them by the end of the summer.

I can’t wait to show this to Ryan since we’ve talked about them so often. Thanks for posting it!

thanks so much for sharing this…that was amazing. My ds and dd thought it was really cool. We have seen hummingbirds flitting around our yard but we have never seen a nest and babies. The size of the nest was mind boggling.

Thanks again…

Those are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

Back in the Stone Age when I was in high school, my parents had a plum tree where a hummingbird made her nest. Sometime after the two little ones hatched, my sister was standing by the tree when one of the chicks lifted its butt out of the nest, aimed straight at her, and shot her with hummingbird poop. :roflhard: Sometimes hummingbirds can be mean!