Amanda's Squatty Sidekick - I'm addicted to this pattern

I got this pattern emailed to me last week. I thought the bag was cute so I made one… It stayed mine for less than 24 hours. My friend wanted it so I gave it to her (the blue one). My mom saw a picture and she wanted a black one she could use when she went out so I made her one with Cascade 220 and a strand of Ritrato. I ran out of yarn when I got to the handle so I bought some more and made a second just a little smaller. Then another friend saw it - she likes her stuff funky and “sassy” (her word) so she is getting the purple one.

This is a great pattern - fun and easy to knit. It is so clever how the handle and the button hole are made… If you like to felt try this bag. It is a free pattern on knitting daily.

Here are the pics:

Those look fantastic!!! I love this pattern too- I’m working on my second… your yarn choices make each one unique!

Love those! I printed out the pattern a few weeks ago and am thinking of making one for my daughter. After seeing yours, I think I’ll give it a go.

Beautiful!! What great gift items! I agree - you made wonderful yarn choices!

Very nice! I didn’t notice this pattern in my email ~ the yarns you used look great and attracted my attention, so I’m glad you posted your photos. Thank you.


They look great!

okay, freaky - this pattern is popular cos guess what? I found it while googling for free patterns for felted bags and found this site for some help and there are at least 3 threads on this pattern - wow!

I’m in NZ and have no idea what our equivalent of worsted weight yarn is so I experimented by knitting two swatches (and I never do swatches!) to felt - one single strand 8ply (double knit) yummy purple (think Fanta Grape) and the other with 2 strands of 8ply (1 strand is light/pale green, the other dusky pink). I decided to go with the single strand cos it took less time to felt and though not as sturdy thought it should be okay as the bag is for a 10yo’s birthday next week. But for myself, I think I will go double strand.

Now my other question, what if I crocheted some acrylic frilly yarn to the edges at the top(where the opening is)? Acrylic won’t felt so will it just come away? I just thought it might make it more purty and girly girl for the 10yo.

Those are cute. I just subscribed. These look like they might work as great Christmas presents for my husbands cousins. xxx

Sanibelle!! they are so neat!!

Those look great.

How can I get this pattern? It would be perfect for my niece and dd.

that’s where I found it!

The pattern is really flexible. The first one I made I followed the pattern as it as written. It was easier to change it once I understood it.

If you want to add the crochet acrylic make sure that you hold the wool with the acrylic - even though acrylic will not felt, when you hold the 2 yarns together you get a really cool effect. If you look at the purple bag I made that is how I did that. I did one strand of yarn until I got to the decrease section and then held the 2 yarns together until the last 2 rows - then I used just the wool.

I hope I was clear in trying to explain that but if you have any questions, just let me know!

Thank you Sanibelle!

Here’s my unfelted bag -

though I had thought it was going to be like this until I got to the handles part!!!

I don’t think I picked up the sts right att he bottom though…

so my idea was to crochet on the acrylic part to the opening sides, so will do what you say to crochet 1strand of acrylic and 1 strand of wool - but then again, should I not experiment with this one which is a present for Sat???

I think it would be really cool - add a couple of rows with the wool and the acrylic. I would definitely do it to add some color. Post some pics when you get it done.

And I think once you felt it you will not even notice if you picked the stiches up wrong - your pic was kind of dark so it was hard to tell…

well i didn’t have the acrylic yarn I thought I had, and was so excited about the felting I couldn’t wait till today to buy the acrylic yarn, so just felted as it was - I am loving loving loving this bag! I just need to do something to make it more girly for the 10yo recipient so will probably embroider something or knit/crochet some flowers to attach to it, or use buttons, i don’t know! Will post pic when it’s in its final form. But in the meantime, I want to make one of these for me, except i need the handles to be a bit longer so I can actually have it on my shoulder with the bag fitting snugly under me (this purple one is just a bit too snug!) - do you know what’s the best way to alter this pattern so the handle is a bit longer? Also, if i wanted it to be twice the size of the purple one, do I just multiply the sts in the instructions by 2???

I wanted the strap to be longer on mine so when I got to the Icord part of the strap I knit for 7 inches instead of 3. If you want it to be longer than that just increase the Icord part on the handle.

WHen I made the first bag it turned out really small (the blue one) - I followed the pattern exactly but I think it was the yarn - when I felted it, it really shrunk a lot. All of the other ones I made I did with Cascade 220 and they turned out a lot bigger. So I think part of the size issue is also based on the yarn you use.

I do not think I would double the pattern. How much bigger do you want it to be??? I would leave the bottom at 15 stitches and maybe do more rows than the 60 it calls for. Then pick up the extra stitches *1.2 of the number of the extra rows so, if you did 90 rows, pick up 45 stitches on each side, the if you wanted it to be taller, add some extra rows here and there.

If you need help, just ask.

And I am so glad you like this pattern too… I love the way the pattern is written - the way the handle and the flap are knit right into the bag and the way you make the botton hole with an icord - so clever!!!

The bags are lovely. They’re simple and elegant and practical. :thumbsup:

Thank you Sanibelle!

And now for the pics of the final product:

Hope that makes for a happy 10 year old birthday girl on Saturday :slight_smile: