Amanda's Squatty Sidekick Help

I am working on the Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick that came through Knitting Daily a while back. I’ve got the bag done and I’m ready to felt, but it doesn’t look quite right. I’m hoping that somebody who made one can help out.

The bottom of the bag has one side that is much longer than the other. Should the handles being going from short side to short side along the length? Mine seem to be going more from long side to long side going across the short dimension. Does that make any sense? I know I followed the pattern, but I want to make sure before I felt it that the handles are in the right spot. It wouldn’t be that much trouble to redo them. It is for my secret swapper, so I want to make sure it turns out right. :pray:

Any thoughts?


I cant answer your question, but Sanibelle/Lynn has made a few of them , here is the thread with her FOs

when you picked up and counted the initial stitches and started your increases, were all the increases on the short sides? if the increases happened in the middle (long sides), then your handles will go from middle to middle.

this happened to me on the first time- when I initially picked up the stitches from the bottom panel, I hadn’t started in the right place. I think you have to end the bottom piece with a completed wrong side row before you start picking up for the sides.

I ended up placing markers at all four “corners” to help me keep track of where I should be. just using the one marker for the round wasn’t enough.

Sorry- MKZ

Hmmm…I think I see what you are saying…so my handle should have been an extension of the short side?? Did you felt you bag the first time, or did you undo it and redo it?

Actually I just went and check that link for Sanibelle’s FO, and somebody had posted pics of their bag before and after felting. Mine looks like the before pic, so I think I might be OK.

My mom and I just played with laying it out and it does appear to take on the rounder shape with the bottom going from front to back. I guess I was just assuming that the bottom would end up going across.


Exactly- the handle comes from the short side. The one on the FO forum in Sanibelle’s thread that isn’t sanibelle’s is also wrong. I frogged mine and re did it. (Sanibelle’s are right)

this is what is should be shaped like pre-felting:

HTH- Marykz

PS- once you felt, you can’t frog. the fibers are irreversibly moulded together.