Am very proud!

to launch a new product, girlie swirls!!!
check the website and see what you think!! :XX:

I think that they are tooooo cute :thumbsup:

Aww, how cute!


Very cute stuff and clever name!

Noro longies…what a lucky kid will get to wear those!

Am I being lame? What site do you mean?

Click on her ‘www’ button in her message and you’ll get to her website :thumbsup:

So what you’re saying is that I AM lame. I get it. It’s okay. I’m fine with that. :roflhard:

Babystyles, you are good!

By the time I knit just one of these my daughter will be into hot-pants.

hehe thanks, they dont take that long honestly! they are easier than they look! :XX:

Ah, I have a gf and she is having a girl…Hooray, I have someone i can knit these for…teeheehee.

Rhy :heart:

dont you mean buy them for lol! they are copywrited to me!!

Ohhhhhhhhh, I see, I thought you were selling a kit or a pattern or something.

Sorry, misunderstood…I just glanced at the www.

Rhy :blush:

no probs :lol: