Am new to the forum and I seem to be having an issue with my knitting

Hi all just signed up on this forum I started Knitting a few weeks ago . I have been having a problem and not sure if it because my tension is too slack . But when I am knitting (have just done a teddy giraffe) I am finding it has holes in it where it shouldn’t have holes and it completely ruining what I produce . The patterns I have been using as now doing a labrador do include increase and decrease , ssk, and kfb . Any thoughts appreciated it is using knit and purl stitches.
Thank you Lisa from Manchester united kingdom

When moving from K to P, make sure the yarn is in the correct position; wyif to P, wyib to knit. Slow down during these points…verify…

Good advice.
Are you using the correct weight yarn, the same weight recommended in the pattern? Are you knitting at the gauge given in the pattern?

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Another possibility is loose tension when switching between knit and purl or from purl to knit.

I agree I think it could be that your Tension is to loose when doing a knit then purl st

I’m guessing from your post that you just started knitting, and you’re making stuffed toys? Maybe I’m just confused. If you just started knitting, perhaps you might choose a more basic project, like a scarf or a dishcloth? Please forgive me if I’m misunderstanding you.

Some beginners when they are first learning accidentally make yarn overs when switching from purling to knitting, instead of taking the yarn between needles… could that be part of what’s happening? just a wild guess though without being able to see what’s happening.

Lisa, as you see from our responses. We all have encountered many reasons that may lead to holes in ours or others’ work.

Are you able to take a picture or the teddy giraffe so we can see what you are asking about? You can include a photo in your post with the icon in the top center of the posting frame. Looks a bit like a box around a mountain scape.


I usually drop down a size needles when doing ribbing…

Good luck!