Am I wasting my time?

:shrug: I am getting down in the dumps about my knitting lately…Here are the ugly facts.I have nothing to show for all I have done…(1)…I knitted my first sweater jacket yrs ago and never wore it,didnt like it for some reason…But it did fit fine…(2) Knitted a cardigan,finished it,washed it,and the yarn was bad.It ended up being sent to the yarn manufacturer,and they said that batch was not right.(3) Knitted a cowl neck sweater,it fit perfect, but the neck was not right,after 2 trys,I ripped it all out…
I had a comment from my mother the other day that bothered me alot.I have started a new sweater and she said" Why are you still knitting, because I never see a finished end product,that you actually wear".She is RIGHT…It is really bothering me alot.
I DO HAVE 3 SCARVES, 2 FELTED PURSES,A KNITTIN BAG,FELTED that I use all the time…and my first pair of socks are almost done, and they fit…Sissy :shrug: SEE MY POST FURTHER DOWN

Personally, I have trouble with garments that are meant to fit, too. It seems like they always come out not quite how I was imagining. So I understand you there. But sweaters are not all that there is to knit! You could knit blankets, cloths, hats, scarves, socks, mittens, etc., … aside from the blanket idea, these are all smaller projects that are done quickly and fit isn’t as crucial as it is with sweaters. Also, there is knitting for charity that can be very rewarding.

Try not to be discouraged. The comment you received would have hurt me if someone close to me said that, so all we can do here is send you lots of HUGS :hug: :hug: :hug: and encouragement to keep at it. Obviously if you’ve stuck with it this long you must really love it, it’s just a matter of finding the right project to keep you busy.

I’m guessing your mother is not a knitter?!?

I have been knitting for about 2-3years. I have a felted purse. That’s it…well no, I do have about 45 squares that I knit for a friendship afghan that I never got to mail. Said squares have been sitting in my house for about 1 year. Everything I make I give away (except for the blasted friendship squares).

I knit for the relaxation, the enjoyment, makeing something, trying new things, etc. Now read the ‘relaxation’ as about 50% of the time, the other 50% I have to frog something, get annoyed at the color, the style, the pattern, or the idjit knitting the item, and the blood pressure rises.

If I ever knit a sweater I will likely never wear it. it’ll either go to someone who will enjoy it, or it will sit in my closet so that anytime anyone comes to my house to visit (even the UPS/FedEx people) I will take it out and say “Hey look what I made”

Oh Sissy,

You have done a lot of knitting. The stakes are higher on big items. So when we (or they) fail its more of a disappointment. Maybe thats why I only make baby and kid items.

There is more to knitting then just FOs. The process and the education in the process are important as well. You have the persistence and the ability, now you just need the right patterns and yarn! :slight_smile:

:!!!: :!!!: :!!!: :grrr:

That was so mean of your mother! Do you enjoy knitting? That’s the important part! Whether or not you wear what you make doesn’t matter, as long as knitting makes you happy!

I think sometimes Moms say things that bother us more than they realize.

But anyway, if you’re feeling discouraged, maybe you should take a hiatus from sweaters for a while-- you don’t seem to have good luck with those. I bet a lot of sock-knitting would build your confidence. They’re relatively fast so you can make a whole bunch in not too much time, and show your Mom that you really do wear the stuff you knit. (You would think she’d notice your scarves and purses, etc., though, wouldn’t you?)

garments get me every time… to the point I’m almost afraid to try another… the kids pretty much turn out every time might have to re work the neck or length but when I knit myself something it never turns out like I think it should… I did a sweater last year for myself its all frogged the yarn went to something else… made myself a long sleeve shrug… re worked it so now my 3yr old has a sweater… don’t give up you have been doing a lot with bags and socks… hang in there… as long as you still get the pleasure of knitting I don’t think you should stop… :hug:

:!!!: :grrr: Oh Sissy don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you’re wasting your time. If you love it than it’s not a waste of time.

Nadja xxx

Hang in there. I am not a good sweater maker either. I have only made one for myself and I am not in love with it but it stays in my closet because I made it. Don’t let your mother upset you, it sounds like she needs to learn to knit and experience the joy that comes with the process.

It is pretty discouraging when people say things like that about something you are passionate about. I’ve had people say this about various things in my life, and it can be quite hurtful, especially if whatever I’m doing means something to me, and I put a lot of myself into it. It hurts more when it’s not just criticism of the finished product, but a criticism of the entire process, i.e. “You’re wasting your time, why don’t you do something more important?” And if you ask them what they’d rather you be doing, they don’t have an answer. Generally, people don’t think when they say things like that. They think it’s a throwaway comment and they don’t realize that it could hurt.

Knitting is a hobby. People do it for fun, just like they play sports, or video games, or write poetry. I used to write stories and poetry and never showed it to anyone. I just liked doing it. You just have to remember that you don’t have to justify what you enjoy doing. If you like the creative process and you get something out of feeling the yarn and working with it and just doing something with your hands, then it is worthwhile. Just think about it, at least you are doing something creative. Lots of people veg out in front of the TV to relax. What do they have to show for it? I’d say knitting, even if you don’t wear the things you’ve made, is more productive. And at least you’ve got the courage to try a big project like a sweater. I’m still intimidated. And every mistake is a learning experience, right? :smiley:

:eyebrow: I NEVER considered quitting…I AM NOT A QUITTER,just fussin alittle. I just get frustrated when I finish something and then rip it out.The sweater I ripped has $85.00 worth of yarn , so it will get re knitted. The one I’m doing now will be worn, I promise you that… :teehee:.I LUV KNITTING…Thanks guys,Sissy

Too many non-knitters think “knitting =sweater”. Don’t let anybody make you feel like anything else you knit doesn’t “count”.

It sounds to me like you need to do some really fun knitting. Small projects that turn out really nice and that you enjoy using or wearing or giving to others.

And if I was you I would give my mother something knitted for Christmas! :teehee:

I knit because I love it. And I don’t have to explain myself to anyone. And neither do you!

I’m sorry that your mom wasn’t very understanding at the time about your knitting.

I agree with those that have said they do not knit sweaters. I tried two for myself and half way got bored with it. Plus I prefer to try it on and know it fits and looks good on me. :teehee:

I stick with scarves, bags, totes, socks baby layette sets, hats etc. I might just knit a blanket in the future.

If I knitted for FO’s I would have quit before I started. I have frogged so much more than I have finished. :teehee:

But, I enjoy it, it’s something I want to do. So forget about anybody who don’t understand that. I bet I could find something about them that they do the same way.

I agree, I’d give your mother something knitted for Christmas.

I’ve found myself not to be a “garment knitter”. I just don’t enjoy it and have dove into sweaters and such because I felt I needed to break into that area. I actually enjoy purses, throws, etc. alot more and probably will not ever knit another sweater again after I finish the one I am working on. I’m happy in my own little purse centered world. :teehee:

sissy, if you really want to knit a sweater, the top down might be easier for you. You can try it on and adjust as you go.

If you really don;t care about doing a sweater, I’m sure you’ll find something else. You’ve done a lot already. hang in there. :cheering: :cheering:

You are NOT wasting your time!

Like most of the other commenters here, I do not knit for the FO. I knit for the PROCESS.

Studies have shown that knitting is similar to yoga and meditation in the effect it has on lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

This sounds a lot like something my mother would have said…at a different time in both of our lives.

Do what you enjoy and accept that some people will never “get it”. That is their problem, not yours.

Everyone in this world has things that they really enjoy… things that they love, are passionate about, that help them relax, whatever. Good things to do. Not everyone’s passions are the same as everyone else’s passions… how boring would the world be if we all loved the same thing!? Far too many people forget that. For myself, they ask, “Why are you wasting your time going to school to get a job that will never give you any money?” “Why do you go (horseback) riding if its so hot and dusty?” “Why do you go winter camping, when its so cold?” “Why do you go rock climbing, if your arms get so sore?” “Why do you dance, you don’t seem to enjoy it?” I don’t ask anyone to understand why I love the things I do, only to accept it and not stop me from doing them.

Knitting is like anything else… if you love it, continue, and don’t let anyone ever get you down.

Hi Sissy. I love your name. I’ve been working on a sweater for a few months and I’m just about to finish it and I think it may be a bit small.
I don’t care. I’ll go on to the next one. I always have a few little things going that get finished up while I’m working on the bigger project.
Like a hat or scarf. Now I’m crocheting a shawl. I love working on different projects.

Your story reminded me of this past summer when I showed my mother-in-law a poncho I was knitting. Very simple, short and pretty.
She said "ummmm, can’t you rip that back out and change to a sweater?"
I thought that was hilarious, she’s judging it before it’s even finished.
I think you have to really ignore bigtime people who don’t understand what you love even (or especially) when it’s family. Keep on knittin’!