Am I understanding this toe decrease?

I’m doing the Basic Child’s Pattern for Regia Jacquard socks and while I think I understand what they want, it’s not clear the way it’s written.

Instructions say:

After left hand marker, k1, ssk, k to three sts from next marker, k2 tog, k1, sm, knit 26, sm, k around [I]It’s the ‘knit around’ here that is confusing me.[/I]

Sm, k1, ssk, k to three sts from next marker, k2 tog, k1

The instructions for these are on one circular, which I am doing. My BOR is on the side, and as I start knitting, I’m going across the bottom of the foot, which is 26 sts. Then when I change sides, the top of the foot is also 26 sts.

I read this as meaning I decrease on just the back in one round, and just the front in the next round. The way it’s written though, it’s almost like I would only decrease on each side on just the back (when I start my round, I’m doing the bottom of the foot, so I call it the back, while the top of the foot I call the front).

When it says ‘knit around’, do I knit an entire round again? That would make the decreases on just the bottom of the foot, which I find weird. Or do I knit around to the next marker? Is my BOR wrong and I should be doing decreases on just the top of the foot? Am I completely misreading these instructions? Should I forget these instructions and just do a toe I’m familiar with?

Am I confusing you as much as I’m confusing myself trying to figure this out?

Yes, it means to knit one round without decreasing - or - “one round even” as I’ve seen it commonly called.

Any sock or mitten patterns I’ve ever made call for this “one round even” in between rounds of decreasing, it makes for a better looking FO.

I’ve never made a child’s sock, so I’m not sure how they typically decrease for the toe. It is confusing as written, possible wrong. There’s a link at the bottom of the pattern to email the designer - can you try that?

Or else if you’ve made other child socks I would use a toe decrease you already know.

So that means I only decrease on the bottom of the foot, and not on the top. That is certainly strange, I’ve never seen that before. Usually you decrease on each side, both front and back (or rather top and bottom). That will be one lopsided sock!

Guess I’ll have to email and check.

That is a confusing direction. Personally I would ignore the “knit around” part and just do it as a traditional sock decrease.