Am I the only one

…that’s not crazy about knitted or felted purses and bags? I mean, I love to knit them, and there are some really cute patterns that I want to knit. But I hate using them. They stretch, they flop over, and they don’t close well enough. I’ve made one felted purse. I used it for about a week, and haven’t used it since. I’ve never used my knitted purses. I did use a crocheted purse for about 3 weeks, but that’s because I added a liner, but I soon got tired of it. :?

No, you are not alone. I have made two. One I used briefly as a knitting bag and decided I didn’t like it. I gave it to my dd who is 4 and loves anything girly. The other I made for myself and then decided I am going to give it away as a Christmas Gift. (One Down.) I think I might make another for a gift since I enjoy making them. However no more for me.

Me, too. I love the way everyone’s look, but when it comes to bags, I like leather. I want inside pockets, outside pockets, zippers, etc., and I want to feel free to set it down anywhere and not worry about it.

Yeah I made the intarsia bag in a bag class from Leigh Radford who was way cool and I loved the class and the people in it and I had a such a great time and the bag is sitting in my closet. I like sturdy leather type thigns too that stand up when you put it on the floor and your yarn can just come right out of it and you can look down and see what’s going on. SO I guess its just thae making of the bag that excites us not the owning. Oh well, more presents for everyone else :lol:

I always put a hard bottom and cover it in the bottom of mine & they have held up well…but, I change my purse each time I go out so I never use one more than a day or 2…so I get what ya’ll are saying :wink:

Silver…I agree that they are too floppy for everyday use…and especially MY use because I use my handbags for luggage :roflhard: I do think they are beautiful and would be great for those who carry only small items and less than 10 tubes of lipstick :lol:


I haven’t knited my own bag yet everything I seem to knit heads out the door to someone else or is already spoken for LOL I wanna do the Booga Bag and some fabric bags… I have this trouble with any purse though I just can’t find that handbag that says use me everyday… I’m always looking for a new purse LOL… I go small then realize with two kids I need a big one but then get tired of carrying it so get a small one… My closet is so full its not funny LOL :lol:

I do love mine and use it as a project bag. But the one thing I don’t like is that it picks up every single bit of lint or dirt around. And I have 2 kids, so there’s lots of that! It also seems to pick up little pieces of twig from the car when I take it anywhere with me. Yuck.

Nah - you’re not alone :wink: I actually never had the desire to knit a purse; I guess purses just don’t do it for me. :thinking:

Well, I love knitting bags and I use mine all the time! In fact, the majority of my FOs are felted bags. I have a regular purse too, but that usually gets stuffed with yarn… so in my felted bag I have the “essentials”–keys, phone, wallet (which is actually a mini makeup bag, not a wallet)–that way I can find everything. So I take the whole thing on car trip, use just the felted bag with essentials when I am just running to the store… and just the wallet bag when popping into the gas station for a drink. Again, I like to have “things” around me at all times… it’s a sickness.
Guess I’m all alone!

well i made a diaper bag, its to wide and not deep enough and it doesn’t close all the way. AND its too big. so i’m going to knit a booga to replace it. i like a lot of the purses and they are on my todo ist. but i don’t like carring big purses. my regular purse at the moment is a wallet with a strap! i have 4 kids and i only carry my wallet. and sometimes a diaper bag, if i can leave it in the car like when i go to my moms i will. but i like the little felted purses an plan on making some …one day!