Am I the only one?

The Which came first? thread got me thinking…

…am I the only knitter here who does not have a stash??? Honestly, the most stash I have right now are 8 balls of sock yarn. That, and remnants from projects, but other than that, nada.

Am I really that odd??? :?? :lol:

I don’t really have a stash. I’ve got about 6-10 balls of yarn but most of them are for projects and christmas presents. I Just haven’t had the money to work up a true stash though. It’s coming, I promise! :smiley:


I don’t have much of a stash either. I generally buy yarn for a specific project. I do have yarn for projects I haven’t started yet and yarn leftover from completed projects, but that’s pretty much it.

I have a bigger stash than I originally thought I did. :oops: I’m running out of room in my knitting holder. In fact, there is nothing BUT yarn in my knitting holder. Add to that the yarn that is stored in my “WIP” bag and well… It seems I’ve built up a very small stash.

I have what I consider to be a small stash. :wink: I usually buy yarn for a specific pattern when I see one. When I see a yarn that I just “have to have” :cheering: I buy two balls of it so I can at least make a scarf with it for myself. :XX: :XX:

Now with fabric that’s a totally different story I have a BIG stash of that. :lol:

I don’t have stash, only left-overs. I buy my yarn at a shop where I can return it as long as they sell it, which is perfect for me, because I don’t knit fast. Most of the time, I see a pattern and find yarn to make that pattern. That’s the only “stash” I have, but when my work is done, I return the unused yarn.

You poor people. YOU MUST BUY YARN!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m so bad I buy yarn just because it’s pretty or on sale. Yarn has, in fact, replaced shoes as my shopping obsession!

I like having a stash because it allows me to generally start a project I like without necessarily having to go out and buy yarn for it first. Having the yarn already in the house allows me more time for knitting. And sometimes, like with my shrug, it leads me to make something without a pattern, which is very fun and rewarding! :thumbsup: So GO BUY YARN! :roflhard: :XX:

OH my, I consider my stash to be of medium proportions. for example, when I wanted to knit the kitty pi bed for Moshi I decided to match the colors of the rug in the kitchen and living room and looked in my stash and was happy to find the corresponding colors…but, I was amazed to find that I have 50 or so skeins of WOTA which I don’t use any more because it’s itchy. I then decided that I was going to have to try to condition it so that it isn’t as itchy and perhaps knit a cardi or 2. Then, there’s the yarn i just ordered from KP…then there’s all of the yarn that Lonnie gives me…then, there’s the sale yarns I have to have…then, there’s the sock yarn…etc, etc, etc :wink:

Wow! You have a lot of self control :thumbsup:

I don’t have much of a stash either.

(Most of) The yarn I do have on hand is just waiting it’s turn to be used to christmas and/or birthday presents.

I do have some I’ve gotten off Ebay that I had planned on using, but it turned out to be something I don’t really want.
Now I have an idea for it, I just need to find an adult sized bunny slipper pattern. :wink:

And I’ve got some cheap acrylic I got from a guy at work. Which I’m kind of just holding on to for possible later usage. I’ve tossed a partial skein or two though because I just couldn’t stand working with it.
Oh, and the leftovers from previous projects.

I guess it depends on what qualifies as “stash”. Any yarn you have that’s not on the needles? Any yarn you have that doesn’t have a pre-planned project? Any scraps leftover?

I don’t think you’re the only one. :thumbsup:

I have a small to medium size stash. I can say I never buy yarn without a project in mind for it. (Thus sock yarn is my weakness…you always know what you can use it for!) Problem is I have too many projects I have bought yarn for! My Stash fills a cedar chest we use as a coffee table in my family room.

This is the reason for my self imposed yarn diet at the moment. I have no more room for yarn in my cedar chest!

Right now all I have is 2 skeins of baby yarn (leftovers but each skein is mostly left), plus the yarn for my 2nd sock and my HP scarf. As soon as my WOTA comes it’s going for a Booga Bag…I’m not fortunate enough to be able to buy yarn at a whim with no thought to cost (and ok I know not everyone else is)…I’m just glad I can knit what I’m able!

My stash is enormous, but it isn’t my fault. I just find yarn at garage sale, estate sales, yarn sales, etc. Also, at least half of my stash is yarn given to me by older people that I knit with.

i don’t have a big stash here either. i do have a basket full of yarn, but it’s mostly leftover stuff.

i need to have a project in mind before i buy something. :slight_smile:

I don’t think my stash will fit in my dorm room, which could be problematic…

Sounds like denial to me!! :roflhard:

That’s OK, plenty of enablers here!!! I myself have stash-envy. Only one ball of Rowan Kid Classic for a little Christmas teddy bear and the rest are leftover bits. :frowning:

I’m going to Maine in a couple of weeks and have been saving myself for the great yarn (prounounced YAAN) stores that I visited last year. :cheering:

Can’t wait!!!

My stash, if you want to call it that – and I don’t, is mainly from leftover yarn. I only buy yarn with specific projects in mind like you said. Whatever is left over is my stash. I would toss it, but then I remember that I need it on hand if any of my handknits unravel or need fixing up.

My “on deck” stash: Quecha for Somewhat Cowl, LB Microfiber for self-designed toddler T-shirt.

Oh WAIT! I have one skein of “stash” yarn: I saw a marled yarn that was a really pretty mix of colors in AC Moore and bought it for no good reason. :oops: So I do technically have a stash. Hee! :smiley:

Hi, my name is Trish and I have a stash problem. I am addicted to buying yarn. There, I said it :slight_smile:

I have a medium to large stash. My problem is that I buy yarn for specific projects that I want to make and then before I have time to make the project, I find another project that I want to make and buy the yarn for that too… and so on and so forth. So, you see the problem. And, I am taking a class right now that requires me to be at a yarn store every Thursday night for 6 weeks and I have an obsession with sock yarn (which they get in new every week), so combine the 2 and there you have it… a med to large yarn stash. But its not my fault really…

I didn’t have a stash, I usually buy what only what I need and go from there, but after my extended family found that I knit, and since nobody else in the family does, yarn came out of the woodwork, Granted, it’s not really big, but I still find it amusing.

I have a bit of a stash and it came about much in the same way as Rorshachs has… When I mentioned picking up the knittingneedles, 2 ladies I knew online wanted to declutter their unused yarn (Flylady in the works there) and since I was, and still am, on a very tight budget, I took what I could get :slight_smile:
There is some nice yarn in there; enough for a top and maybe some other things aswell, the rest, I don’t know what to do with yet.

And my mum recently gave me a bag full of a nice chocolatebrown woolblend.
She had bought that years ago so my granny could knit a sweater for my dad but somehow that never happened. My granny has passed away now and I’m the only one in the family that knits. So my mum thought I could maybe use it to make something for myself. :heart:
There’s plenty of it and I definitely am going to make something like a vest out of it! Maybe Starsky, haven’t decided yet.

And there are a few balls of sockyarn that ‘somehow’ ended up in my house too :shifty:
But it’s not that bad I think: exept for the chocolatebrown yarn, which lives in a plastic bag of its own, the rest all fits into one of those plastic laundrybaskets like Ingrid posted pictures of a while ago.