Am I the only one who finds

The name “Yarn Harlot” offensive? I’ve heard so many great things about her books, but that name just… :shrug:
Now that I’ve asked that… :hiding:


I don’t find the name offensive as such … just a little unimaginative, which is a bit odd for a woman who has such a terrific sense of humour.

Maybe she got tired of thinking about it and just said “S*d it! That’ll have to do.”

:roflhard: Yarn porn makes me cringe. I don’t know why, I’ve been known to cuss like a sailor but somehow the idea of putting a picture of lovely, soft, velvety, rich colorful yarn and naming it porn just makes it not as yummy. Weird I know. Yarn cornucopia sounds so much more pleasant. :teehee:

But “cornucopia” has a very different connotation then what most people are thinking of when they refer to “yarn porn”

I hate that too SW. I know what you mean… I find that offensive… Sweet, nice yarn… And to name it that… yuck. But that’s just mho. :slight_smile:

Both names make me shake my head. So does the title Stitch and B–. I would feel a little uncomfortable having a book with that title without a book cover in front of my children. I keep thinking what has our culture come to for these to be used so casually. Even though I don’t think they (authors, posters) mean anything by it, except that they are a “slave” to yarn and take great pleasure from it.

You all are not alone, I too find all 3 offensive…

And I agree po-- just doesn’t even seem to fit with yarn even a little.

my $0.02

I don’t find them offensive at all. It’s just a joke and a play on words really. :shrug:

I agree with Jan in Ca, don’t find them offensive at all. And I am not one to cuss either. I get mad at my husband when he around the house but Yarn Harlot, yarn p0rn, and Stitch and Bit$% don’t bother me.

The porn one is the only one that grates on me. I’m not really offended by it as much as I don’t see the correlation between the two things. But then again, I might be just dense. One is pleasant to me, the other is gross.

I don’t find any of them offensive personally. They call up-close delicious looking pictures of food “food porn” too. :wink:

The porn thing bothers me a bit-but the other two, not so much.

I agree, YH is just a play on words, as is SnB (okay, that may one may bother me just a touch! not that it stopped me from buying the book, lol)~especially if you take the time to read the YH’s blog. She’s very fun to read, and I haven’t ever seen anything offensive at all in her blog-though I admit, I don’t keep up with it that much.

These names are not offensive to me, but they are kinda cheap and vulgar.

No, you are not the only one. All the aforementioned names sound to me crude and degrading to the hobby I enjoy. I don’t find that type of play on words humorous or cute, and I don’t buy their books because of it.

Not offensive to me, I always smirk when I see them hehe I’m not
one to use “bad” language but I appreciate the word play involved.
And I think yarn p0rn is a very apt description given that so many
people lust after the yarn in the pics :rofl:

Libbie :slight_smile:

It’s funny you should make this thread. My husband and I were just talking about this today. I’m fairly new to the knitting world and all of the terminology. As I come across terms like this, I tell him all about it and about how shocked I am. I don’t talk like this or use the terminology myself, but I am in no way offended by it. I was just shocked when I first started seeing it. But my husband thinks it’s funny and said, “You knitters are so naughty!” He’s not offended either, mind you. I told him to keep me out of that classification…at least so far. That may change as I become a more seasoned knitter. lol

The only way to offend an Aussie would be to steal his thongs(flip flops), or his esky. :stuck_out_tongue: Unoffended :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree she is very funny.

I’m not offended, nor do I find the terms vulgar in any way. Just a play on words. To each their own.

Not offended at all. I find the Yarn Harlot to be witty and entertaining and yarn porn…well sometimes the money I spend on yarn is obscene and I do lust for yarn!

Different strokes for different folks, if someone offends you then don’t read it. If an expression bothers you, don’t use it. There are so many real problems in the world I can’t get upset over literary expression. An alternate meaning of the word “pornography” is the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction. Harlot has many meanings; It is a Middle English word, rogue, buffoon, female prostitute, from Anglo-French [I]herlot[/I] beggar, vagabond .

It’s only offensive if you chose to make it so.