Am I the only one waiting

…for something to happen? To begin? :rollseyes: One daughter hasn’t arrived yet, the other one who is here from MI came down with a bad cold so she’s napping. In an effort to keep it quiet I swiffered instead of vacuuming and now I’m on the puter and DH is painting. Ah well… at least I’m done shopping, wrapping, etc so I can relax. Maybe I’ll play a computer game… :wink:

Nope! I am waiting too. I’m at my boyfriend’s shop. I’ve been hanging out all day here, but only 45 minutes left and we’re freeeeeeee! Off to the movies, pool, or bowling; then dinner and home. Hooray! Let the excitement begin!!! I can’t WAIT until he opens his Christmas present I got him 2 freakin’ months ago. LOL. :happydance:

I’m waiting too. I’ve a (very) last minute hat I’m just about to start decreasing and (also last minute) a fringe to do on a scarf. It’s very quiet here, but I’m poorly with a bad cold/cough, so I shouldn’t complain. We should hopefully be out tonight to see friends. All my family is 3,500+ miles away, but I will speak to them tomorrow.

I’m waiting for “Its a Wonderful Life” to come on TV (one of my absolute fav. movies of all time!)

I’m waiting, but not sure what for! Just had lunch, but I’m still hungry, so I guess I’m waiting for dinner!

:lol: :lol:

Now I’m waiting for the boys to go to bed so we can finish wrapping and putting things under the tree. Then I’ll be waiting for my son to arrive from MA. Even though he’s not expected until the wee hours, I have a feeling my Mom Radar will be on until I know he’s arrived safely. Just like the teenage years.