Am I the only knitter on earth

…who doesn’t have cats?

Just had to ask… :wink:

LOL…when I was looking through the pet thread I had the same thoughts.

But no, you are not alone, I am catless.

No, there’s at least ONE more. Me. No dogs either. Just plants, and they don’t poop.

no but my friends make fun of me asking when i will get the cat and a rocking chair…i think buying the sewing machine the other day was what sent them over the edge…lol

I was just thinking last night how I would LOVE to get a glider for the living room and have a knitting basket set up next to it…29 going on 80 :wink:

:smiley: 2 cats, 2 birds…obviously…1 Sally :wink:

NO CATS for me, they scare me!!!

I have two puppies. 9 month and 5 month old Miniature Pinschers! They are the cutest things ever!

heh, I have five cats, but then where do you think all my yarn comes from? :slight_smile:

:shock: eeewwww! i don’t get why people do it, but yes, i have no trouble knitting with sheep hair!

I have to admit that the whole pet-hair-knitting thread skeeved me out a bit. :shock:

A knitter here without cats and proud of it!!

[size=2](waits for Hilde and Cheddar to attack…)[/size]

[size=7]I have 2 adooooooooooooooooooooooooooorable kitties!!![/size]

Since I just feel like there isn’t enough pictures of them on KH already…

I miss having kitties… :verysad:

ahem Don’t you cat people have your own thread?


[size=6]Yay Cats!! Go Cats!! Ra Ra Cats!!![/size] :cheering:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I second that, Amy! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I have two cats one is my son’s and one is a stray that adopted us LOL

I also have a shih-tzu…

I told my dh I could knit with their hair he said thats ok just buy it LOL :smiley:

What’s so scary about cats?

I love kitties!! I don’t have one, my heart is still a bit broken from the loss of my Himalayan in January. But I do have a Solomonster…he tries to sit on me like a cat…lol

Lisa, I have a couple of kitties here that you could have, though I’m not sure how they would take to flying :smiley: