Am I the only beginner with this problem?

I have a project that I started and gave up for a while because something’s not quite “right” with it. It’s a top that uses a 3 x 2 ribbing pattern. The problem I have is that all the stitches look fine except for the first purl just after a knit stitch: it’s so loose! I’ve tried intentionally pulling the stitch tight as I go and I still don’t quite have it.

What I was hoping is that this was a common problem and thus one with a simple solution.

Edit: I knit continentally and I suspect that has something to do with it?

Try this! It really works.

Wow. I looked this info up on KnittingHelp and got led to the Annie Modesit site and I sort of got it. I tried combined knitting with a tiny piece of stockinette and it looked so even! I did a 1x1 rib and it wasn’t quite so even from row to row, but I’m guessing that with practice this will work itself out.

Thanks for the link!

Ok, I know I asked about purling and problems I was having with them before.

I decided to do a swatch (after the fact, I know) for Blossom from Magknits.

Yarn is Knitpicks shine sport, needle is size 6.

There are two sides to the swatch. The right, knit first, is knitted and purled like normal and I get one extra stitch wider than 4 inches. The second half, on the left, is knit and purled using the combined method that is posted on Annie Modesitt’s site at That side ended up tighter and when the edges where uncurled, it measured exactly 4" wide.

With my first try, the combined method got me a very clean, though tiny, swatch. With a bigger one, I noticed that every other row has one leg a teensy bit longer than the other leg of the stitch. I think I am knit picking and that might go away with practice. Or something.

Anyway, my question is this: how did I end up with something so much longer when I knit up Blossom? It was fully 3 inches longer than called for in the size I knit up, but the width at the bottom, 13", is correct. The pattern is over here:

…and this is the gauge info copied & pasted from the page with the pattern:

24 sts and 29 rows = 14" / 10cm in stockinette with larger needles

I’m guessing that 14" is a typo and they really mean 4" which is what lines up with 10 cm give or take a ml.

It’s so odd! This is my first attempt at making something wearable, and, gratefully, the puckering at the increases went away with blocking (yay!!!) plus the tiny holes at the increases bug me less and less. Gauge is inconsistent but bearable–it is after all a hand knit item–but the length is so off it’s funny. Now, I would think that it would be off on one piece if I misread a part, but the length was consistent everywhere.

Not complaining (someone pointed out long things are in again) but I want to figure out what I did wrong for future projects. It’s all about learning, after all, else I’d get bored with this craft :wink: