Am I Supposed to be Inside Out?

Hi all!

So I have been doing circular knitting and knitting with double pointed needles for a little over a year now. But I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Are projects like these supposed to knit inside out? I have knitted many things: hats, socks, and mittens, and they have come out fine. However, after they come off the needles I need to flip them so that they will be right side in.

Is this how it’s supposed to work, or do I have double pointed knitting dyslexia? :??


Most people prefer knitting on the outside, but quite a few do it the way you do. As long as it works with the pattern you’re doing and the results come out how you like it, it’s okay.


yep- I’m an inside out-er… as long as you can keep RS and WS straight, it doesn’t really matter. :slight_smile:

When you knit, do the tips of the needles face your knees?

If so, it’s probably happening when you join. Join your yarn with your needles facing you. Then, when you knit, the pattern will be on the outside instead of the inside.

This is what I did for my first sock and could not figure out what I was doing wrong. I managed to figure it out when I started my second sock.

ooooh, i did this too and it completely boggled my mind! i kept wondering why my hat looked nothing like the pictures… and then i realized!

i think most things will work out okay, it’s just a matter of where you hold your needles.

I do circular knitting “right side out”, but I picked up a tip a couple days ago about when knitting “inside out” can be helpful.

If you’re doing stranded colorwork, especially mittens or socks, and have a tendency to make the floats a little tight, then knitting inside out will give a little extra stretch in the floats and may help with a better fit.

Isn’t it great that there’s really NO “Wrong Way” to knit! :happydance:

Happy Knitting :cheering: :cheering: