Am I supposed k22. ssk. Twenty two times?

Does this mean I’m supposed to ‘K22. ssk.’ Twenty two times?

Hi, I read it as * K2tog, K22, SSK rep from * to last st. K1 98 sts.

Okay I’m a VERY novice knitter…so I think what I’m trying to ask is that do I perform ssk twenty two times in a row? lol…

No, the repeat is k2tog, k22, ssk so each k22 is surrounded by a k2tog and a ssk. You do this till you get to the last stitch then you k1.

This is common language in knitting… to repeat from the asterisk.

YASSS!!! Thank you sooo much:smiley:
It’s a beanie for my dad and I really wanted to finish it today. So while waiting for an answer I started this…