Am I ready for a cable scarf?

I ‘think’ I 'm ready to start my first real project. I’ve made a few scarves just for practice (garter stitch, stockinette stitch, elongated stitch). I just started my first practice cable, and I’m honestly surprised at how easy it is!!

My main concern is that I’m not comfortable recognizing what stitches look like and/or seeing a mistake and knowing what I did wrong. I’ve just started using a lifeline… which does give me more confidence. Here is the tiny little cable I started… just wondering what you all think! (Sorry it’s so fuzzy!)

[B]*[/B]First of all you need to resize your photo, it’s way, way too large. Click the link in my signature to see acceptable sizes, etc.

Cables are very easy as you found out. I don’t see why you couldn’t do something with cables now. I do recommend that you learn what your stitches look like though. It’ll help you with the rest of your knitting, too.

Deleted the photo until I take a better one that I care to resize.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find someone that will do a private lesson with me during the day… since all of the ‘useful’ classes seem to be at night when I’m teaching.

one of my first ever projects on returning to knitting as an adult was cabled. They’re not too hard, I did a scarf with about 4 cables on the front, and scalloped ends. I do wish I’d done it in the round though now, it tends to flip onto the wrong side when I’m wearing it, and the back is not exactly attractive.

I’m currently working on my first cable project, and it’s going really well. Cables look so complicated, but they are actually so easy! I’m not sure if you have a LYS, but mine offers free help to all projects purchased there. Might be something to look into, in case you run into any problems.

Well I decided I am ready for a cable scarf. I’m using the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern (modified to 30 stitches instead of 42).

Here it is so far :slight_smile:
(Hopefully I resized it correctly)

Looks good, Evan!

Great start! I love the color:knitting:

Do tell…who’s it for:teehee:

I haven’t quite decided yet… if it’s good enough I’d like to give it to my MIL, although I wouldn’t be opossed to keeping it for myself if it doesn’t meet my expectations :wink:

Beautiful work, Evan. Looking forward to doing my first cabled scarf soon.

Looks like you are doing fine, Evan. Love the color you selected.

Looks good:thumbsup:

I just tried cables for the first time myself and picked the very same pattern. It’s easier than I thought it would be. Good going! Yours is looking great! :cheering: :yay:

Evan, it looks great! I think it will be a fine gift for your MIL. Cables are easy and very impressive looking. I think I’d rather do cables than fair isle. :wink: