Am I reading this wrong?

Ok, so on my sweater front I am to cast on 103sts. This is a man’s sweater by the way 46" finished. I finished the body and am trying to start the sleeve but they are telling me to cast on 53sts and knit rib for 8cm. The yarn I am using is 21sts=4". How could 53sts possibly be right? I am to inc to 97sts. I was going to try magic loop but 53sts sounds like a lot doesn’t it? :??

It doesn’t seem SOOOO very much…Sounds like around 10" flat, right? Figure it’ll pull together some in the ribbing, but will stretch to fit around a man’s hand. Measure around your own hand/fist (or his, if it’s not a surprise…)


I think that should be okay, especially in ribbing, it will pull in a bit. I just measured one of my husband’s mens size large (commercially made) sweaters and the cuff was about 9 inches (not a ribbed one) and on yours is 53 stitches divided by 21 stitches x 4 = 10 inches.

Thanks, I guess mens hands are bigger, I jut didn’t think that much. :oops: