Am I purling "wrong"? Is this a problem?

Hi knitting friends! I just realized upon watching some more videos that I seem to be purling in the opposite direction from everyone else. I correctly position the right needle down through the front loop, with the yarn in front. But everyone else seems to wrap the yarn around counter-clockwise (or back to front) from there, and I realized I have been wrapping the yarn around clockwise (front to back) this whole time. The pic below shows the correct direction in green, and the direction I’ve been doing it in blue:

Are there any negative consequences to wrapping the yarn the way I have been?
I’ve created a few garments seemingly successfully so far, including ones with ribbing and seed stitch, and there seemed to be good definition between the purl and knit stitches, to my untrained eye. I’m only a few months into knitting though so I’m curious if my opposite wrapping will be detrimental down the road or with different types of patterns. I’ve included a pic of a vest I made below in case there’s any visual clues I’m not picking up on (I can take a closer-up pic later if anything seems suspect and you want a closer look):

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No, you are not purling wrong. This is how everybody who knits combined style do. There is one thing that happens when you purl like this: the stitches you have purled will be differently mounted on the needles. Normally you insert your needle from the left side of the stitch when knitting. When knitting a previously purled stitch you need to insert the needle from the right side instead. If you do not do this you will end up with twisted stitches.

So if you take the difference in mounting into account on the following row/round you will end up with identical result as those that do “normal” purl. Nobody will be able to tell what method you used.

If you want, post a close up of stockinette knitted flat (=every second row purl, every second row knit) and I will check if you did take the mounting into account.


Yes, and if you don’t compensate for that mounting, your knit fabric will look different from the standard. Sometimes the difference is attractive; other times you may not be pleased with it. If you get into more intricate stitches and designs, that’s when it could make a real difference in appearance. Working with cables is one time I think it would make a real difference, for example.

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One of the very first things I made I knit the sts “wrong.” Turned out like your sweater.

No, it’s not wrong, it’s you.

Do it the way that suits you.

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I think your sweater looks lovely whether it is purled “wrong” or not.
I am not an experienced knitter but I know things look different when the stitches are twisted. I think the most important thing is that you know about it so now you have the choice to continue as you are or to make a conscious effort to change the way you wrap the yarn.
I like the results as they are, it’s all nice and even because you have been consistent throughout (not having random twists which could look untidy or like a mistake).

I’ve only made a couple of items myself. Reading through threads here and watching videos etc I have also seen that I have probably not done things “right” but for what I have made i don’t think it really matters. I think I might have cast on stitches when my pattern said increase, now I’m not sure if I should have done a knit front and back instead, but in my projects the end result was fine.

Your knitting is so neat and even, it looks professional :ok_hand:


Thanks everyone for the responses! @engblom and @justfriends3, those explanations helped a lot. I am knitting “normally” and not accounting for that mounting difference, so that means that my work must indeed have twisted purls. I actually did think something looked a bit off when I was trying to “read” my stitches on the needle. In person my vest is a darker navy so it would probably have been quite difficult for me to really see any twisted stitches clearly in the finished fabric, and it’s the only thing I’ve knit flat so it makes sense I didn’t notice otherwise.

Thank you @mumandmimi and @creations! Thankfully I’m happy with how the vest looks regardless. But I’m glad I stopped to ask before I continued on this way and ran into a situation where I didn’t like the finished result, after lots of work!

I have been practicing purling the standard way this week and it feels pretty natural now. I also have been trying to switch mostly over to continental knitting regardless, so hopefully from here on out my stitches won’t be twisted. Appreciate everyone’s advice and encouragement!


Sounds like this is ending on a positive note. The more you knit, the more you’ll discover there is to learn. Enjoy the experience!

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