Am I overthinking this? (miniature knitting)


I’m making 12th scale animals and want to sell the patterns later. I contacted a well known knitter for their advice on how to do something I’ve been struggling with for a while - they did help me, but said the needles and yarn I’m using (2 mm needles and 4 ply yarn) seem too thick for 12th scale.
I’m hoping I can stick with what I’m already using - I’m thinking going finer would put some people off - but it did get me thinking! I’ve ordered some 1 mm needles and 2 ply yarn to at least try those out before I make any final decisions.
The items will be stuffed and/or have wadding/wire inside where needed and they’re coming out around the same size as the drawings I made to work from, so would using 2 mm needles/4 ply be “good enough” if they’re not solely intended for adding to dollhouse scenes, but possibly could be if someone wanted to do that?


Ordering the thinner yarn and needles is a very good idea. You may like the resulting animals more than you think. Socks in fine weight are so popular that I don’t think that the finer gauge will be so off-putting.

The main point is how you feel about the results in either weight yarn. I hope we get to see some examples with a link to the pattern pages!


Thank you, Salmonmac, I feel more reassured now! My order should be here tomorrow. I managed to pick up some 2 ply at the car boot today and did a swatch on my 2 mm needles, it had a nice drape, not quite tight enough stitches for what I want but very close.
I certainly will post a photo when I’ve got one done; hopefully other people will like them and want to make some themselves :slight_smile:


I got my 1 mm needles and they feel a bit too small - plain stocking stitch is just about OK; I liked how fine the stitches were, but I wasn’t confident I’d be able to do the shaping with them and not lose stitches or split the yarn all the time, so… I bought some 1.5 mm needles to try. I’m thinking and really hoping these will be a happy medium between the 1 and 2 mm needles!