Am I knitting backwards?

I am doing my very first knitting project ever… so I have been looking at a lot of tutorials. I just realized that instead of wrapping the yarn around the back of my right needle, I am wrapping it around the top… am I doing it wrong, or is this a different type of stitch?

That’s hard to say since the way one wraps is often described differently depending on how you look at it. This is how I do it.

I think if I understand you correctly you may be twisting your stitches although it does look like garter. It’s not knitting backwards, but you may want to try to wrap the yarn correctly so you end up with less problems when you get into learning other stitches.

Thank you! I looked up the garter stitch and what I’m doing is similar… But instead if wrapping from the left side of my right needle, I’m doing it from the right side of the right needle. Oops! I’m not sure how that started. Next scarf ill do it the right way. Its fun, none the less!

Wait… when you start a new row are your stitches on the left needle or the right?

Always on the left when I am starting a new row. Sorry if I sound ignorant. I just started out. I claim newbie status! Lol

Hey we’ve all been there! :hug: I just wanted to clarify that you weren’t knitting left handed. Most left handers do knit right handed (as we do), but if you were left handed then I probably couldn’t really help. It would be all backwards to me! :wink:

You probably knit the way I do. As long as your stitches aren’t twisted unless you want them to be, it’s all good.