Am I joining the sleeves correctly?

I am knitting Vaila, by Gudrun Johnson. It’s a bottom up sweater. I’ve just joined the sleeves and want to make sure I did it correctly (it’s my first bottom up that has sleeves).

I knitted the sweater body in the round on a circ, and used Magic Loop for the sleeves. 9 sts of the body and of each sleeve are put on hold at the sides for the underarms, the rest are joined and knitted in the round together toward the top. I am having trouble knitting the sleeve sts now that I joined them, without doing some semi- Magic Loop at that area. It is just that the sleeves are most of a small circle, and leaving off 9 sts wasn’t enough to straighten them out. Every time I get to the sleeves, I have to really futz with the needles to get through the sts. I think I’m doing what the pattern says, I’m just surprised that this is the expected result. It’s very awkward…

My big computer is broken so I can’t post a photo right now, but the sweater looks ok - body and 2 sleeves with some sts on hold in the 'pits. :teehee:

Yes, they can be a bit tight on the joining round and a couple afterward. Sounds like you’ve done it right.

You’re doing it correctly. It’s a pain at the beginning, but it will get easier.