Am I interpreting this correctly?


I am about to start this pattern and want to make sure I have interpreted one of the
instructions correctly. On the chart for the flower petals there is an
instruction that says :

Insert tip of rh needle b/w first 2 sts on lh needle, draw up loop, place it on lh needle.

Ok, I get that I am making an increase. How I have read that is that
I will be doing an increase of 1 st using the cable co…? The reason
I am unsure is because it does not happen at the beginning of the
row but rather a few stitches in and I just want to make sure.


I admit to not having done this before, but it sounds like you are interpreting it correctly to me. Perhaps cable CO makes a nice looking increase? I’d do it just like you interpreted, since that seems to be what the instructions say to do.

I agree - it does sound like a cable cast on in the middle of a row.

Ok thanks for the replies…it really helps clear up some feelings
of confusion if at least one other person says “yes, it seems that
way to me” :slight_smile: