Am I Insane? (Ok, be gentle, please)

Sorry…my newest college term just started. I’m taking four classes this time – two senior level history class and two junior level political science classes. Oy! Just keeping up with the discussion boards in each class is like have a four-way conference call. And all because I want to graduate by March. I’ll have little time for knitting…:waah:

Oh, and my sweet little Molly (new puppy, remember?) needs CONSTANT attention…she’s a doll but so totally mischievous and lets loose with the pee when she gets excited.

Just feeling overwhelmed, as usual at the beginning of each term.

Thanks for letting me vent. :violin:

I :heart: you guys!

You’re not insane! You can do it! I’ve been there.:hug:

And, quite honestly, better to be taking history and poli sci (I majored in poli sci) than math and science, or astronomy, heaven forbid.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. :star:

You can do it! :woohoo:

Yes, you’re quite insane. Realize it, accept it, and rejoice in it. It’s only the troubled who refuse to accept their insanity.

Thanks for the laugh, Mason. What is normal, anyhow?

Here’s what I feel like right now…


I think I can, I think I can…

No, wait a minute…

By God’s grace, I KNOW I can!

Oh yes…forgot to add that on top of all of this, I got hired on permanently (at least until I graduate and get a teaching position) at my summer job. I had been hired with the understanding that I would return to my IT job at my school. The firm offered me a permanent job, with the same part-time hours as my other job. PLUS, the school never called asking when I was starting back…something they’ve done the last three years. I think my position at the school was cut.

God provided…

But this job is very stressful (computer support positions are always that way).

Anyhoo…one day at a time…

:hug: It’ll get better. After we got John Boy I was so overwhelmed. Plus I got him a week before starting a new full time job. But slowly it’s getting better and it will for you too. Hang in there. Through all the pee and ripped up items it’s worth it.

I had the same thoughts as Mason when I saw your post. We are all insane so accept and embrace it. I do. :grphug:

Y’all are the best! :hug::hug::hug:

Just pace yourself, and you’ll be OK. Give yourself plenty of time to work on papers, and make sure you schedule yourself a night (or two) off of work and go knit, see a movie, go bowling, or whatever it is which energizes you. (It could be worse. You could be in grad school ;). )

I’m sure you feel overwhelmed, but you’ll get through! I’ll keep you in my prayers. :slight_smile:

in a way, being overwhelmed is not a bad thing. Its just another way of teaching yourself how to handle that, too. I would say that within the next 30 days you’ll be taking this in stride.

I know how you feel, I was insanly stressed out my last year of college trying to get things together for life after graduation and classes, internships, work, etc. I can’t even imagine having to do it and be a mom too, that’s a lot of work! You can do it though! And just think how good it’ll feel in May when you’re all done and have your degree, it will make all of the things you’re going through now worth it! Good luck!:hug::muah:

It sounds like a lot on your plate, but being busy usually keeps me more organized. Otherwise, I’d be putting off and waiting til the last minute with everything.

Good luck.


You are so right! I typically go through this at the beginning of each term, thinking that I’ll never feel this stressed again. Then the next term rolls around, and I think I’ve got the hardest classes yet. It’s as if I like to take a ride on the pity-mobile. :teehee:

So after my morning “everything is great” foggy haze :hmm: I get home from work and John Boy breaks off his leash and goes running across the street after a cat :grrr: I go running after him and luckily what was left of the leash got caught on some wood by this old abandoned house where all the stray cats live. SIGH So that put me in such a bad mood I canceled my plans with friends.

So now I need someone to tell me everything is going to be ok… :???:


It’s going to be okay. :hug:

Dontcha just feel much better now? :teehee:

Thanks for making me smile :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what we’re all here for!

Naw, you’re not insane. Those things driving you nuts now are just how life is at times. I love that being thankful thread in OT. What if you didn’t have the money, ability, or brains to go to school? Just a different way to look at it. I admire you. Hang in there. :pray: