Am I holding the yarn wrong (double cast on)

Whenever I do a double cast on starting with a slip knot, the working yarn ends up on the bottom.

:?? I’m not quite sure what you mean?

Do you mean the tail is on the other end? If you start with slip knot that is normal. If you do it w/o a slip not like I do it ends up on the same end as the working yarn.

After I do the double cast on, the extra yarn is on the top of the needle (near the point) and the working yarn is at the bottom. Tha’s not how it’s supposed to be though, right? Does that make sense?

Yes that is what I mean. Ok, so what do I do then with the working yarn? I just bring it up to the top or do I slip it to another needle?

Have you checked out the video?

Okay I’m editing since you and Ingrid both posted. You might want to check the video of a small project, too.

In the video she doesn’t do it from a slip knot. It isn’t really necessary but I wanted to see which way I prefer but somehow when I do it with the slip knot, the working yarn ends up at the bottom of the slip knot and the short end is at the top of the cast on (stitches facing right).

With or without a slip knot, I have the ‘tail’ end over my thumb and the working yarn over my finger. Does that help?

“Place the knot on the needle such that the tail is on the side of the needle nearest you and the working yarn is on the side of the needle farthest from you. The yarn on the far side of the needle has a longer way to travel each stitch and you want this to come from the working yarn so you don’t use up the tail faster than anticipated.”–found this on line, too.

Oh I see! I was only casting on using the tail, not both parts of the yarn. Thanks for the help