Am I going crazy or are these the right needle size?

I have some leftover Malabrigo Rasta and wanted to make an ear warmer. I found this pattern and love learning new stitches but when I sat down to knit I was SHOCKED to see the needle size! I went to Joann’s to look for that size and they only have them in straight and plastic and they are comically big. So…here is the pattern:

and here is an instagram post of her supposedly knitting the ear warmer:

and those needles do not look like 19mm to me. That’s a size 35, right? I tried to find them in a circular on Amazon and can’t find them. So…do yall think this is right and, if so, where do I find a size 35 and a size 17 for this pattern?

They look that size to me.
I can find these on amazon UK, woolwarehouse, etsy and several other online sites. But I’m in the UK. Where are you?

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I’m in the US and couldn’t find them. I’ll look again. I’m glad you think they look like the right size!

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Herringbone stitch can get very tight. I’ll bet that that and the super bulky yarn are the reason for the very large needles.


Have you tried She carries hard to find needles. Very reasonable and usually sends your stuff out the same day.


I hadn’t even looked at the stitch. I love herringbone stitch and have made a good-sized swatch in it before but never a project. I really want to make something in this patern one day.

Good luck finding the needles. You could buy some from the UK but they are quite pricey for something you may not use very often.

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19 mm is about 3/4 in.

You could get a 3/4 in wood dowel and make your own needles.

Do you have a variable speed drill or cordless driver? Alternatively a belt sander or disk sander could be used instead or together with the drill or driver.