Am I doing this right?

Maybe i’m a little goofy, but i’m kind of confused with these instructions.

“K1 (edge st; keep in Garter st); k2, beginning p4, work k4, p4 rib across center 76 (84, 92, 100) sts, end k2, k l (edge st; keep in Garter st throughout).”

Now I understand how to do the rib stitch and garter stitch, but i don’t understand how to do a garter stitch throughout if i’m ribbing, and the way the pattern is coming out right now, i know it’s wrong, bc to rib stitch you have to start with knittig stitches and ultimately end on a purl stitch and come back the sam way, in this pattern, i start with knit stitches, end with knit stitches, and go back the same way, and my pattern looks nothing like it’s supposed to, does anyone know what that means? :knitting:

It looks like they are referring to the EDGE stitches only.
So, the edge stitches will be in garter stitch from beginning to end.

thanks a lot :slight_smile: i think i get it finally

Cool! :thumbsup:

That pattern is so convoluded. When will pattern writers learn to simplify. SIMPLIFY. PLEASE.

They’re actually almost giving too much information, which can become just as much a problem as too little.

Just knit the first and last st on each row for the whole garment and you will be fine.