Am I doing this right?

Ok I am teaching myself to Knit. I’ve got the Garder stitch down and I made scarf but now I want to make a blanket. I have size 17 needles and I want to use 4 strands of baby yarn to get it thick and soft.

Now I cast on over 100 stitches and started knitting every row. Now it seems that the pattern is wrapping around the needle and as I stitch. It it ok for this to happen. I wish I could post a pick but my batteries are dead in the camera. I want the blanket to be as big as I can make it but I’m not sure I’m doing this right. I don’t have a pattern since I couldn’t find one with a large needle size and only the garder stitch without changing thread for stripes.

After you get several more rows done it should have enough weight to hang straight. Are you using straights or circular needles? If straight ones, the shorter length is probably causing the sts to bunch up and wrap around because they’re squished on the needle.

If you are using straights you may want to switch to circulars… it may get heavy to knit on straights.

Thanks, I’ll get that a try. I’ll pick some circular ones up today.