Am I doing this right? Sock help

Hi. I’m making my first toe up socks on magic loop and I think I goofed up a bit. This is the pattern here

This is the part I’m wondering about:


Increase on each end of each side every other row until you have 64 stitches. I usually use M1 after the first stitch and before the last stitch on each end of a side.[/I]

I have 7 stitches on each needle (cast on 14) what I was doing was increasing at both ends of each needle every other round. So needle 1 would increase to 9 then needle 2 would, then knit a round. Then needle 1 would increase to 11 followed by needle 2, and so on.

After re reading it I’m wondering if I was supposed to only increase at the beginning of needle 1 and then at the end of needle 2.

And when you knit using magic loop is it called rows and not rounds?

Am I doing it right and need to just carry on, or is it time to frog and start over?


I think you were doing it right the first time. On toe down socks, you’d decrease at each end of the bottom of the foot and the top of the foot on the ML for a total of 4 decreases every other round. So on toe up socks, it seems to me that you’d increase the same amount as you work your way up. I’m sure some more experienced knitter will explain this better than I can though.

Another question. It says to increase until you have 64 stitches. Is that per needle or total? I thought it was total until I realized that if I cast on 14 and increase 4 stitches each increase that you can’t get 64. I get 62 or 66. Any thoughts?

Gah!!! I’m making myself crazy and this doesn’t seem like too difficult a pattern! :wall:

So the pattern said to cast on 14 so I did, 7 on each needle. I just went and looked up a couple of these on Ravelry (which I should have done [I]first[/I]!) and saw that someone said that meant 14 [I]per needle[/I]! Is that how it usually works for toe up socks? If the pattern says cast on X amount of stitches, then you do that per needle?

Of course that would get me 64 stitches. Well, off to the frog pond!

I think you’ve got it right now- that they mean 14 stitches per needle. I’ve done several pairs of toe-up socks, and the patterns have always been explicit about that, I’ve never seen a pattern so ambiguous. I would have had trouble with that, too! You were definitely doing the increases right, so once you get cast on again, you’ll be good to go! :slight_smile: