Am I doing this hat pattern right?

I almost finished my scarf that I’ve been knitting so now Im out to make a hat and gloves to match. But the problem, I dont own circular needles yet. So I found a patten for a hat knit on straight needles, but it confuses me a bit. Could somebody please clarify it? :

With A, cast on 100 sts.
With A, work 12 rows in K1, p1 rib. Cut A. With B work 14 rows in rib. Cut B. With A work 1 row in rib.
Next Row: Continue in rib as established, work 25 sts, (place marker, work 25 sts) 3 times – 4 groups of 25 sts each with markers between groups.
Next Row: Continue in rib as established, dec 1 st at beg of row, dec 1 st before and after each marker, dec 1 st at end of row.

Rep last row until 12 sts remain. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread tail through remaining sts, gather tightly and fasten securely. With same tail, sew back seam.

Okay, so cast on 100 stitches with color A, knit 12 rows in that rib, do a color change, knit 14 more rows, do a color change, knit one row. Right?

But the second part is whats really confusing me. What color am I doing the groups of 25 stitches in? And, how does the whole marker thing work? I think I get the decreases, I would just knit 2 together, right? But then why do I not knit the last 12 stitches? Wouldnt that leave them open? And then am I supposed to seam up the whole hat with that one tail? And how am I fastening this tail securely? Its so confusing. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t know how the hat looks, but you could use either color to continue; if you go with color B, don’t cut. Put the stitch markers on the needles and slide them from one to the next when you come to them, they’re to mark the spots where you do the decreases. The last 12 sts don’t need to be knit, you’ll pull the yarn through them like a drawstring to close up the top. You can cut the yarn so the tail is about 2 feet long, that should be long enough to pull through the sts and seam up the back.

I guess that sounds like it makes sense. Its sounds a little scary though. :hiding: Like it’ll be really easy to completely mess it up. Eeek. But I guess I wont know until I give it a shot, right?

The pattern sounds kind of like you have a 12-row stripe of A, 14-row stripe of B, and then the rest’s done in A – though of course you can do whatever you want! :slight_smile:

…The 25-stitch thing looks like it’s supposed to be done in the same color as the rest of the row – you’re doing a normal row, but placing a marker every 25 stitches, to make it easier to decrease evenly. (Placing markers and then remembering to decrease on either side of the marker is a lot easier than trying to count it out each time.)

And if you run out of tail, or end up with a hat top that’s too loose, you can always use more yarn, and just fasten it on either end. :slight_smile:

Geeze, don’t be afraid to mess up! How do you think the rest of us got where we are? We did it wrong at least once, then figured out what happened and how to fix it. And we didn’t have the internet 40 years ago…

You are very right. I guess Im pretty lucky to be able to have you guys here to help, eh? I think I’m going to try it and I guess if it goes wrong then its just something to add to the pile. I’ll never know if I can do it if I never try!

That’s right! Learning to knit is a lot of trial and error - finding out what works and what doesn’t.