Am I doing this correctly?

Newby here. Waves to everyone.
I’ve been “knitting” for about 4-5 years, but all I have mastered is scarfs and throw blankets. My question is this:

I knit English and I was taught that when you come to the end of the row of knits, you flip the entire piece over and purl back. This is what I have been doing for years. I recently got a book to try more advanced work, and reading the front of the book, it mentioned that when you get to the end of the row, just knit backwards. I have tried to do that, but I just cannot make it work! Am I doing this wrong? Is there a video here that shows you what to do when you get to the end of a row and just want to continue the piece as is? Or should I just continue to flip it over and purl back?
(If this question has already been asked, I ask for your patience. I couldn’t find it but I didn’t look too far back)

Very interesting and I am curious. Would love to try this as well.

[B]FOUND IT!!! [/B]Reverse knitting thread

I have heard of that, particularly with entralac when your rows are so short. But I’ve never tried to figure it out and actually do it.

You don’t have to do it that way, it’s just another way some people knit. It can be useful in entrelac when you have 6 or 8 st rows, but for regular items, the standard way of turning and purling back is what almost all knitters do.

What is the book? Curious. . .

Thanks, guys! I was wondering if I was doing it wrong for all these years and the grandmother who taught me passed away a few years ago, so I can’t ask her.

The book is Stitch 'N Bitch, which has some great ideas and I feel more confident now. The problem I had was on page 37 which tells you to switch hands, which I never have been able to do.

It’s just for that particular pattern maybe, and it’s not really necessary to knit backward if you want to do it.

Naw, I wouldn’t try to knit backwards. Just keep knitting like almost EVERYONE does, that is, turn your work and knit the other side!

Besides, when you are working a chart or any other pattern with directions on the other side, you really need to be ‘on the same page’ as the pattern writer is! It is confusing enough to follow pattern directions step-by-step…let alone if you are knitting backwards on every other row!

Happy knitting, Sister! :hug: