Am I doing "stranding"?

Hi everyone…I am working a hat in the round(one color) I want to use another color to work the design (skull outline) I have watched Amy’s video with regard to working with two colors…Question is: when I carry both colors, how do I avoid a “big giant” float on the back when I work 9 sts in between colors? I understand switching back and forth using one color then another, my pattern calls for sometimes 8 and 9 sts between each other. Thanks Cheley

What you can do is do maybe four out of eight or nine stitches of the long section and then before you do the fifth stitch, catch the float with your working yarn. Let’s see if I can find a link.

This page looks like it should be useful. There are some links on how to deal with long floats.

Just remember that intarsia doesn’t work with projects done in the round.

So that is considered “Intarsia”? Should I just cut and join a new each time?The pattern was written for “round” knitting, I’ll appreciate any feedback Thanks

Ooo, no, intarsia is solid blocks of color aka no stranding. I just mentioned that because the page I linked to had stuff about intarsia, too.

Stranding should work okay if you make sure the floats are neat and tidy.

Hiya Cheley,
I just finished that hat for my dd and I did strand it around when I did the color work (makes the hat warmer anyway). I actually wove it in every third stitch (no long floats that way and it doesn’t pucker as bad) and then when you come back round to where you are to knit the design just pick knit the skull sts the one color and the background another. and then commence to floating it again around etc. etc. etc. till you get done with the motif and then cut the yarn leaving a long tail and float that in til it’s no longer long enough to catch and wa-lah ya already wove in your ends as it were. :thumbsup: then continue the pattern with the background yarn as statedin the pattern and you’ll be done in no time. It does turn out quite nice. I also made some fingerless gloves to go with it but I forgot to write the pattern down (oops)!!! But I am in the process of writing another pattern for a second set of fingerless gloves I was doing for a different hat. I should have it proof read and ready to post on my blog this weekend.:knitting:

:woohoo: Thanks soooo much for your “feedback”…gives me lots of confidence to keep on truckin…:knitting: :hug: