Am I Completely Insane?

because, i just gotta say, i :heart: doing the kitchener stitch

before i started socks, i read a lot about them and so many people said they hated doing it, it was hard, etc… so i really dreaded it

but i just love the rhythm of it and the way it looks when it is done

i’m just cuckoo for kitchener, i guess

No, you’re not crazy. I just did it for the first time and I really like the look of it. However, I didn’t much enjoy doing it. But I think one of the great things about knitting is there is so much variety in yarn, tools, technique, products, etc., there’s something for almost everyone to love! :heart:

I never had good instructions for it, so I avoided it like the plague… even doing a three needle BO on a pair of socks! :shock: Now that I’ve got Amy’s video, and can do it, I love it too. :thumbsup:

:smiley: I would say, NO, u r not! I love doing the kitchener st., too…it’s cool to watch it all come together :thumbsup:

I like doing it too, because it means I’m just about finished with my sock. But I really have to concentrate so I don’t get the purlways and the knitways confused.

I love the way it looks and feels on the socks!! But, I have to really concentrate and LOOK at directions every time–I have knitting-ADD I guess!! (An old-age problem, I s’pose!) :rollseyes:

I like it, too! It’s fun to see how it looks when you are done!

It like doing it. I mutter to myself when I do, though, so I probably shouldn’t be doing any sock toes in public. :roflhard:

I have only done it twice, and both times my stitches looked a little off to one side rather than continuous knitting stitches. Can anyone explain what I might be doing wrong? I really would like to get it right!