Am I colorblind?!

When someone puts a link in their post, I cannot see the different color of it. I have to kinda scroll over to see my cursor change so I know what to click on. A couple of times I’ve thought someone forgot the link when it was actually there. Am I colorblind or do others have this problem too? :pout:

it might be a setting that has been changed in your internet browser. which program do you use? Internet Explorer? Firefox? Netscape? Opera?

I use IE, it’s weird, my eye simply doesn’t see the light violet type. :pout:

I agree that it probably has something to do with your computer. If you were really colorblind, it’s pretty likely that you would have noticed it before now. My brother’s colorblindness was identified when he was a little kid. He was otherwise very bright, but had trouble learning colors. Turns out it was because he couldn’t see the difference between red and green.

hmmm… i don’t know what to tell you. I think in some browsers you can override the style (color, underline, etc…) of links, but i can’t figure out how to do it in IE.

Maybe you can try playing with the brightness or color on your monitor? I think i’ve had problems seeing the links before, but it must have been on a different computer/monitor.

umm, I am slightly red green deficint and I didn’t figure it out until I was 29 years old. My dad is fully red green color blind, and it just never occured to my mom (or dad) to have me checked. I think my mom was just so used to people in the family saying colors were different she just thought it was a perception thing (her dad was colorblind too). The only reason my dad ever got tested was because when he was drafted, they put him in the motor pool, and he kept running red lights. Apparently when dad was in the army (in Texas) the position of the lights was on always red on top, orange in the middle, and green on the bottom. And since he can’t see red or green, he would run the lights. He got tested and viola! He’s colorbind. Somethimes you don’t know until really late in life.

Have you tried using a different computer? If you use a friends computer and still can’t see the links you can go to your eye doctor. It’s a really simple test. If you are having trouble with violet it could be a red green dificency…Of course you could also try adjusting the colors on your screen. :shrug:

It wouldn’t surprise me if there was some kind of online color-test. It wouldn’t help if it was a computer issue, though.

Wow. I stand corrected. :oops:

My husband and his brother are colorblind, the brother didn’t find out until he was an adult, either…I guess one doesn’t realize it until it’s pointed out, you know, you figure that’s just the way things look, the way you see them!

Try this one…

Ummmm… I think the results could cause unnecessary concern if the problem turns out to be the monitor.

Lonnie can’t see any of those!

I’d suggest trying it on a couple of different monitors before becoming concerned.

The six is a little foggy but I can still make it out so I don’t think it’s my eyes. It’s weird, I’m on a different computer and I still have a hard time with the violet type. I’ll have to finaggle something on the monitor, that drives me crazy. :wall:

Well, that’s good news. I like your Beaker, by the way. (Hmmm… that came out sounding suspiciously like a double entendre, didn’t it? Well, I was referring to your avatar. I promise! :rofl:)

I love Beeker, there’s something about him that just cracks me up!