Am I becoming an intermediate?

Ok, Ok. I see some things in this pattern that are different from the picture. The picture shows two columns of “stockinette stitches”, i.e. a raised knit stitch column on the right side. These two columns come at either end of the row. The majority of the stitches in between are knit on knit (garther stitch). HOWEVER, the picture shows two columns of raised “Knit” stitches. The instructions do not tell me that–should I just go ahead and make the change to the instructions that will give me the picture? How can pattern companies be this wrong? :wink:

The instructions read thus:

K2 P1 K9 P1 K2 for each row: I do not understand and cannot see the difference! HELP!

The knit sts on either side of the purl st are what you’re seeing as `a column of raised’ stockinette. Also, you didn’t link to the the pattern or a picture, so it’s hard for us to see what you mean. I’d try a couple inches of the pattern and see what it looks like then. Patterns like this often don’t look like they do when finished until you’ve done several rows.

I looked at your other post and saw the picture of the sweater you are doing. So I got my needles and yarn and tried out the row you provide. To get the stockinette stitch row on the edges there needs to be 2 rows:
Row 1: K2, P1, K9, P1, K2
Row 2: K across

By knitting the second row it will make the stockinette line stand out.
Hope this helps.

Thank you. It helps me to think of it this way!