Am I already burnt out?Im bored

I must seriously have Adult ADD…Im bored with knitting…I dont have time to make complicated patterns that have a lot of changes, b/c I get interrupted so often, I dont have access to great yarns locally or the resources to get them off the net…

Any tips?? I use to stay up late just to knit…If I had both kids asleep at the same time, Id knit. If I woke up in the middle of night and couldnt sleep, Id knit… If DS was taking his sweet time nursing, Id knit…

Now what??

Either do something more challenging or simply take a break for a little while.

HOw about some sleep?? :teehee: You sound kinda tired??

I know about the staying up late knitting all night. i get off late and I hav been known to knit til 3am just to wind down before bed~~or if I get my groove on with my knitting~! :teehee:

Try a simple project like a scarf or something with a simple stitch pattern… sounds like you are gettng interrupted too much and it’s burning you out~! I am the same way BTW if i get frustrated… forget it~! :wall:

Maybe keep more than one project going. My mom thinks I am crazy, but I NEVER get bored! If one project starts to get boring, I switch to the other one and vice versa. Sure, the projects take longer to complete, but I stay happy!

I am a more than one thing going all the time person too. It helps with the getting tired of the project you are workingon thing. And I really do have Adult ADD.

Btw, that is a pretty Eva that you have in your avi (and dc is pretty cute too :teehee: )

How about dishcloths. There are great sites out there with literally hundreds of patterns. They are great to pick up new skills like cabling or lace patterns; they are knit up with very inexpensive and available cotton yarn and you can knit them up quickly so boredom is not a problem. Sounds like you get a lot of satisfaction from knitting, just not a lot of straight knitting. Good Luck

Or if you don’t like the dishcloths you could take the same concept and make an afghan out of small squares using different yarns and different stitch pattern. Each square can knit up as quick as you want and be as challenging as you want.
My mom and I are currently working on this type of idea for a baby blanket. We aren’t to the assembly part yet but it is neat seeing all the squares when we lay them together!

You could try somthing like the Irish Hiking Scarf. It’s fairly easy, looks beautiful, and slightly more challanging than a plain garter stitch.

You could get a stitch dictionary and make a whole bunch of scarves that use different patterns that aren’t too difficult, but broaden your horizons little by little.

You could join a knitting group in your area. I find that knitting can be a very social experience, and perhaps with a baby you maybe need an hour or two a week where you can be just you, not mommie or wife.

That’s a nice idea, I might try that :mrgreen:

Get two or more projects going at the same time that are different types of stitches …not all stocking stitch or just purl stitchs …mix it up . Just keep a pen and paper handy to jot down where you are at . I get interupted often while knitting too and have been known to quickly jot what row I was on on my hand …lol When you get bored switch to another project .

I wound up getting burned out and took off from knitting for allmost a year . I will never do that again cause when I went back , I felt overwhelmed :oops:

OR master watching TV while knitting . My husband allways gets amazed when he sees my eyes on the TV and my hands knitting away . "How do you do that ? "

How DO you do that? :shrug: :notworthy:

How DO you do that? :shrug: :notworthy:[/quote]

haha I am guilty of that as well! Of course you can’t do anything TOO challenging but I call them my “no brainer” projects. That way I can do two “no brainer” activities at once! :??

I’m kind of an ADD knitter myself. I always have three or four projects going myself, I swear I won’t start another one, and inevitably a pattern catches my eye and :wall: I start a new project. Right now I’m doing well, I’m working on:

1 baby blanket (DK weight, double stranded, varigated pink, purple, green, on 10.5 Addi Turbo)
2 scarves (one SWS worsted, varigated pinks and browns, on 8’s metal straighs, the other 100% wool, bulky, purple, 10’s on Denise Circs)
1 Lapghan (the always hated homespun, log cabin so blue, white, brown, black, camel and one color I can’t remember off the top of my head, 13 metal circs, don’t know what brand, but their old and handme downs)

for me that’s pretty good. They are all between 1/4 done and 3/4 done. I also put all those aside and just started and finished another scarf and two pairs of clogs last weekend. I alway make sure the different projects are all on different sized needles, with really different yarns. The scarf I finished was Plymouth Sinsation, and the clogs were a mix of Paton Classic Wool and Knitpicks WOTA.

In all actuality I don’t know if I have ADD or my fingers do. I have to change the feel of the yarn and needles often.

I get that all the time! Right now I’m working on my dad’s socks, and they’re taking FOREVER! I started a new project (something I usually never do, I like to finish one project before I start on another) and once I was done with that I was ready to tackle my dad’s socks again. Just take a little break, and soon you’ll be craving knitting again :thumbsup:

ITs a Ulli Storch, but her and Eva are VERY close in color. Eva is more pinks and purples, and Ulli is more pinks and reds… :teehee:

But thanks, she is gorgeous, and so is my DD, lol!!

Actually thats what Ive done today, picked my cotton back up and did another grandma’s favorite dishcloth, or rather finished it up, and started a lacy mock cable one. I think the quicker finished projects are right for me at this point. I do however want to try a simple lace skinny scarf Ive been thinking of thats knit length wise with fingering weight yarn on big needles…so that should go kinda fast.

I think the burn out is really stemming from a afghan Im making for my moms birthday that is taken from the grandma’s fave dishcloth pattern and just made from bulky yarn on size 11.5 needles, doing 10 rows garter, 10 rows stockinette …so that gets kinda of boring…But anyways thanks for the ideas!

This is actually something that my DH likes about my “new” hobby, the fact that I’ll sit DOWN with him for more than 10 minutes to watch TV( my ADD makes me feel ancy all the time!) so I tend to stick to things that arent tooo complicated so I dont have to constantly look at my work :teehee:

When I get bored, I switch crafts. I got bored knitting, so I still have a sweater and a hat laying around OTN but I’m working on a paint-by-number I got for Christmas and some drawing. I usually don’t have too many things OTN at once becuase if I let myself start multiple projects at once, I won’t finish the first one, but once in a while I’ll keep two going at a time to keep myself interested.

It helps to explore all different kinds of stitches and techniques, too.