Am I allowed to swap this?

I’m not sure if there are strict rules for this but I have a tortilla press I bought and I don’t like it, only used it once and I’d like to swap it for yarn, any yarn. Am I allowed to do that here? I just hate having things around I won’t use so I’d rather it go to someone else.

What’s a tortilla press?

you use it for making homemade tortillas, it’s completely not yarn or knitting related. You can make flour or corn tortillas with it. You just stick the ball of dough between the metal plates and it smashes it even and round for you so you don’t have to break out the rolling pin and do it yourself. I find that with my flour tortilla recipe it doesn’t make them thin enough. I like my tortillas pretty thin.

Ohhh, okay. :teehee: I don’t cook, I just didn’t know what a tortilla press was.

Good luck! :hug:

Already have a press, but just for reference’s sake, flour tortillas are meant to be rolled with a pin. Tortilla presses’ are meant for corn tortillas.