Am I a total nutcase?

hi I’m new here. I have a question preceeded by a lenthy description. I learned to knit left handed throw method when I was 7. I came to this site a few months ago and wanted to pick up continental method as it seemed logical (the yarn was already in my left hand) ok here’s the weird part, I decided I didn’t like having to turn my work and switching hands every row so I just started knitting back and forth. this makes a turn free stockinette fabric, however I reviewed the continental instructions and discovered that I am knitting into the back of the stitch and wrapping the yarn backwords automatically to achieve this. it seems to work fine but I wondered if it will work for purling too, sure enough I automatically wrap backwords. I have really confused myself but at the same time feel somewhat innovative. (no I promise I won’t try to teach this to anyone) ok so the question is this, am I the only nutcase who does this?
thanks for your ears, Heather

:thinking: I’m not sure that I understand the question. But I’ll try … If you’re knitting back in order to perform your purl, then I think you’d have to knit-back into the front of the stitch to replicate a regular knit since the knit back purl in already into the back of the st. My advice … chuck the “knitting back” technique until you’ve nailed regular conti :wink:

I normally knit English, but I’ve switched to conti temporarily b/c I want to be a well rounded knitter!! :mrgreen:

:oo: :?? :oo: :??

i wish we had a smiley for shakning your head back and forth with your tongue out or lip jiggling :shock:

I normally knit English, but I’ve switched to conti temporarily b/c I want to be a well rounded knitter!! :mrgreen:[/quote]

that’s also a reason that I wanted to learn. when I stick to cont. method soley I seem to do it right. I guess I was wondering if others knit in both directions. It does go faster when I get into a rythm but I don’t know that I would use it for anything more complicated than stockinette. now trying to learn that norwegen purl left handed still has me stumped.

I have continued the family tradition though, I taught my 8 yr old daughter to knit left handed also (poor girl) and we both crochet right handed. yes life in my house is screwy!
I’ll have to find a camcorder and film how I knit.