Alzheimer's Walk

Hi everyone!

I am doing the Alzheimer Society Walk for Memories and I thought I would come to my KH friends for some help.
I know Alzheimer’s has touched many people’s lives- including my own. My grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease over 2 years ago and it has essentially destroyed my family. We had to uproot her from her home in California and bring her to live closer to all of us in a nursing home. She hated the nursing home since she started living there and last May she tried to kill herself by overdosing on Tylenol. She was in the hospital for months and was finally released to a different nursing home with more care, but she hates this home more than the last.
I feel as though I have lost my grandma. We used to be best friends. I would visit her every summer and we would go shopping, go out to tea, play by the pool…etc. All the things that grandmas do best. Now she can’t so any of those things of course and she has changed personality wise as well. She might be around for my wedding in a few years, but if she is she’ll probably be unable to remember it.

So because of all this I am fundraising for her and for all of the people whose lives have been destroyed by Alzheimer’s disease.
If you would like to donate, click here and it will take you to my page.


Hi Ann, normally I would but I have just donated to them in memory of a good friends mother who passed away last week. It certainly is a terrible thing. I have seen 2 friends go through this now with their mothers and it was so sad to hear them talking about it.

Good Luck with the walk.