Alternative to sk2p?

I wonder, is there another double decrease I could use instead of slip 1, k2tog, psso?
I don’t really like the sk2p, so I wonder if there is a way to replace it?

Is it a left/right slanting, or centered decrease? (I can’t remember, always confuse it with sl2kp)

So, the main question is: Is there a way to work sk2p any other way? (Like k3tog or k3tog tbl)

You could do sssk or a k3tog. I find that the s1k2p is fairly centered because the pass slip stitch over part balances out the k2tog part. The other two would be more slanty.

But in fact it SHOULD slant some direction, because sl2kp is the centered double decrease…
Even if it slants less than other double decreases. But sssk and k3tog slant in different directions, don’t they? (At least ssk and k2tog are used in balanced ways)

Maybe I should then alternate those two, even though that would be quite confusing as well…

That’s a left slanting decrease so other than sssk, I’m not sure what else there is. You may find that eaisier to do though.

Thanks a bunch for the help :slight_smile:
(That means a k3tog tbl would work as well I suppose)

I’ve never tried it, but I suspect it would. Maybe you could do a swatch and try the various ones out and see which ones you prefer.

Good idea.

Thanks again.

It does slant to the left, but the sts will be twisted.

What don’t you like about the sk2p? If it’s the single slip stitch being too long, you have to be careful and keep it close to the tip while doing k2tog so it doesn’t stretch out.

I know. That’s the main problem with that stitch, the long slipped stitch, and I know to put it near the tip to keep the stretching to a minimum. (But otherwise it seems to even out as well)

But doing 2 different things to complete 1 stitch, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really like doing that… if it can be helped

True it’s an extra step, but after you get accustomed to them, you can fly through your knitting and it doesn’t take as long. That’s true with all steps in knitting - the more you practice, the easier and faster it gets.