Alternative to "picking up stitches"

Is it possible, instead of binding off neck and/or armhole areas, that you not bind off, but transfer to a stitch holder, sew shoulders, and instead of picking up stitches, continue to knit the neckline/armhole in whatever stitch the pattern dictates? Kind of like when you make a rib border on the bottom of a sweater, and then continue knitting the body of the sweater?

I believe the bind off edge creates a firmer more stable edge, but not all sweaters require it. My first sweater was like that with a rolled collar.

Yes you could do it, you might want to use smaller needles to continue the neckband to keep it from stretching out. Some necklines won’t work that way though, such as a V neck where ends of rows make the slanted neckline. It would help to just CO 20 sts or so and knit a few inches, then practice picking up along all the sides of the sample. It’s not really too difficult, it does help if you use a smaller needle just for the pick up and after you do it a little it may not seem so hard to do.