Alternative non-wool yarn

I would like to have a stab at making this

Sadly I am allergic to wool, I am not sure how to go about substituting an alternative. I am fine with alpaca wool and cashmere, but want to make sure I get approximately the same qualities as the suggested wools.
Thank you.

Bamboo, cotton/linen blend (will be scratchy while you knit but softens beautifully on washing), silk, many of the newer acrylics are absolutely wonderful, and when it comes to wool, it’s been found that some breeds of sheep produce wool that is not itchy unless it’s blended with a lower quality fiber. See if you can find 100% merino or romney. If someone might have some that you could take a few strands to wrap around your wrist, you’d be able to find out if you’re ok with them too, since alpaca and cashmere don’t bother you.

Thank you so much, it would be wonderful if I can find a wool I can tolerate, it always looks so much nicer than everything else. Wat great advice.


They will tell you what yarns will make good alternatives for the yarn recommended for the pattern.