'alternative' knitters

now theres nothing wrong wit a nice cardigan or a good pair of socks-infact i dont know whered id be wothout a good pair of socks, but conventional and pastel colours just arnt my thing.
I like motorbikes, heavy metal, i do karate, perpetually wear doc martins or new rocks, and didnt cry when bambis mother died - oh and i knit

I was sat in my local biker pub the otherday, wearing the standard many zipped jeans black eyliner and boots, drinking a pint and doing my knitting - needless to say i gained a few strange looks - and when your getting strange looks from people with green hair and metal through their cheeks, you know you must be standing out somehow!)

I have found a great sight called AntiCraft, which is full of alternative kntting and craft projects, - perculiar items or regular items with a slightly twited angle on them and i think its great.I was just wondering how many other 'alternative knitters there are out there? who else combines the sharper side of life with the somewhat softer?

wish I was cool enough to be alternative- but I’m not… 35, mom, normal paper pushing job… but I love sites like anti-craft. they tweak my funny bone. I was way more twisted in my youth… Check Craftsters boards too- many of like minds (and hair)

Hey, I’m a big tough truck driver and I was sitting in the truck stop bar tonight knitting on a sock and discussing the comparisons and contrasts of knitting versus crochet with the bartender. Talk about standing out :rofl:

What do you mean by the sharp side of life? Is knitting a soft part of your life?
My favourite Anticraft project is the etched shot glasses, easier than I would have thought! I’ve been keeping an eye out for glass etching stuff since I saw those…


I’m 35 and a mom and I am cool enough to be alternative so, so can you!

I guess I might count. :shrug:

I used to be a mechanic (still do that and restoration as a hobby), study iaido, play bass in a band, make chainmaille, and swear like a sailor. (I look awfully boring, though.)

I’m also a knitter and a Girl Scout leader. Heh.

I cried when Bambi’s mother died :verysad:


I am a closet rebel…

I too am an almost 33 year old mom, with 4 tattoos (all safely hidden under my garments). I would love to get a tattoo right out in the open, I like anything that is out of the norm, but tend to allow myself to stay conservative out of convenience in my working world.

The most rebellious I get at work is my funky colored socks :slight_smile:

I am not sure when or if I will feel confident enough to show on the outside how I feel on the inside.

Anyhow hats off to those of you that do, you are my hero’s and for the time being I will live vicariously through you.

I cried when Bambi’s mother died :verysad:


i may not have cried at bambie but you should see me watching White Christmas! :verysad:

You guys are a hoot! When it comes to your creative side, the skie’s the limit! Good luck on all those “tweaky” projects of yours. I am just getting the hang of sweaters so I think I will stick with that! Besides, I am a 53 year old grandmother and though I laughed myself silly at Wild Hogs last weekend, I am pretty much your straight forward granny!

:rofl: You guys are funny! I’ve got lots of alternative aspects to me, but I don’t think any of them are the kind you’re thinking of. :teehee:

And I’ll still cry when watching the scene where Bambi’s mother dies. Why, why is she not springing out of the forest, too?

But I (with most others here, I’m sure), are always interested in all kinds of knitting (did you see my thong post- admittedly the exact opposite of what you seem to be describing), so do post some of your items.

Thanks for the reference to anticraft…I hadn’t seen that one before. I found one punk knitting website before that I loved…they give away skull knitting needles if you send in pictures of skull knitting projects. They rock. I am mildly obsessed with skulls right now.


:shrug: I ride a sportbike and like alot of “non-girly” stuff. I also like to knit, sew, decorate my house and cook. I’m an even mix of non conforming and stereotypical married woman. I do what pleases me I guess and don’t worry about how it appears to others. If I want to wrench my motorcycle, cuss up a storm doing so and get covered with grease and then go plant flowers or knit up a clog so be it.

I love it! I’m so happy to see such a wide variety of knitters! :cheering: Don’t beat me down for this, but I probably had the stereotypical view of knitting & knitters before I joined this site. :oops: I was worried I was getting… old!

So I’m perilously close to 29, a mommy of two little girls that I love dressing, and I try to grow things in dirt. And I am learning knitting.

I also am an enormous, huge baseball fan, have the mouth of a sailor if nobody’s listening, and bristle at the thought of being painted into the corner that much of society would like me to be in. :twisted:

So… nice to meet you all!! :guyknitting: (<----Hey!!! GUY knitting???)

i was in my loca rock bar and i was knitting and i was geting funny looks to! its so anoys me coz my mates and that go on and no about how its not fair the ppl juge them and give them funny looks jsut coz they have green hair and safty pins in there eye,but there just as bad!!! my pink haird best friends the worst one she even apolgised to her bf when i 1st met him’this is stacey i know knittings not very hard core sorry cash’(what kinda of name is cash?? why dont he just get called steve thats his name after all) ok i went off on a bit of a mad one there didnt i…life story over. but still tut at all hipocrit rockers.

I am a girl cop with a Harley but I love the color pink… :shrug:


I love the alternative looking knits, but I’m not sure I could use a lot of it…maybe if I’m ever single again, you can bet I’ll pick up Naughty Knits and make something from there!!! :eyebrow:

I’m a mod, not a rocker.
but I have a Thing for voodoo dolls, so I’ve been coveting the one on that site for a while… right after the socks and the sweaters, right.
and I love anything holey, and eyeballs. does that count?

ask him if he thinks he’s punk as f^&%. that should settle him down.

Is it okay that I’m an alternative teen knitter? :shrug: :teehee:

i think thats very OK jenelle :slight_smile: