Alternating yarn widths - how to do this without puckering

I am knitting a baby sweater in garter stitch on #8 needles, which is working fine. I want to add in 2 row stripes every so often in a contrasting yarn that is thicker and calls for #11 needles. I did it once, using size 8 needles, and it created a puckering on the main yarn. Do you have a suggestion of what to do? should I use size 11 needles and decrease, and then increase again when I go back to size 8 needles? this doesn’t sound like such a good idea, but I can’t think of another way. Tnanks so much, Shirah

In order for the stripe to fit, I would think that you would have to decrease before and after to make it fit. What about knitting fewer st with the bulky yarn? Is that what you did? I’ve never done this, but I’ll think on it. :thinking:

THIS or THIS might help. Just saw the second one and it described doing increases to deal with he different gauge. THIS one also discusses changing gauge with a little bit different method.

you could probablly k2tog a few times with the bulkier yarn evenly spaced across the row, and then when you switch to the thinner yarn just kf&b so you have the same number of stutches. or could you double the thinner yarn?

thank you all for your suggestions! I was too far gone on my current project to implement them, ended up caling the puckering “a design feature” and look forward to the next opporutnity to do it right. I’ve incuded a ppicture of the sweater, came out cute if not perfect. So much easier to be relaxed about knitting a baby sweater! Shirah :smiley:

That’s adorable!

I just love happy colors! Good job!

So cute!!! :cheering:

very cute…love the model :slight_smile:

Very cute! What kind of yarn did you use for that sweater? Love the stripes!

You asked about the yarns I used for the baby sweater. I must admit I used cheap yarns - Lion Woolease for the yellow, Lions boucle for the stipes (wool and acrylic).

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