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I’m new to knitting and am working on a hat for my hubby. I made him this already but it was too small. So I’ve increased my knitting needle size (7 to 8, I’m a tight knitter) and he wants me to increase the width of the ribbing. The pattern calls for 3 rows of 1x1 ribbing and he wants me to add two more rows. My yarn is the same as the pattern.

My question, if I do all these changes will I need to change the row count of the decrease pattern? Will increasing the ribbing rows effect the rest of the pattern?

Any help/ advice is appreciated.

Here’s the pattern:

Thank you!
valentina :stuck_out_tongue:

If your adding rows you are adding length. This won’t affect the decrease count. But if you mean you want to add width by adding two more ribs then yes your decrease count will change. You might not need to add either if you are going up a size in needles. I looked at your pattern it says neck ribbing is K2 P2 for six inches. I don’t see where it is K1 P1 for three rows? If you need to add more ribs then you would have too add stitches in groups of four.

I’m a nerd, I sent the wrong link. So sorry:-) but your advice applies here. I’m primarily looking to add length and had assumed the needle size would assist w/ widening. In more ribbing my pattern calls for k1, p1 but I’m going to leave it alone and count on the larger needles.

Thanks I needed to sort it out with someone so I thank you nanaknits!

You need to know your gauge. If you stay with the same needles and yarn you can measure gauge on the completed hat. If you’re changing needles then you need do a swatch in stockinette to know how many sts/in. and cast on for the right size. You can get help figuring out how many to cast on here too.

Looks like I need to do another swatch (so hoping to avoid). I’m new to this swatch thing but am reading about their usefulness. Thanks for your advice and the link!

the earthguild site BTW is awesome! Thanks for sending the ling1:muah:

You’re welcome for the link. I prefer to help someone know how to do what they want with the yarn and needles they want to use over encouraging them to conform to a pattern. I’m funny that way. Patterns are wonderful creations and I absolutely love them. I just am not very good at adhering to them.

I’m using instructions for a Simple Circular hat using the site Earthguild. I might have messed up royally.

Below are the instructions I have a question with:
“For a K1, P1 ribbing, figure your cast-on number from the chart, cast on the next-lower multiple of 2, then increase to the chart number after the ribbing.”

My gauge calls to cast on for 110sts so am I to cast on then for 108sts or do I use the chart and cast on for 88? I did the latter and therefore may have messed up.

Here’s the link

Help!! Thanks!

Cast on for 108sts and then increase to 110sts after the ribbing.
I find the wording here confusing too but I’ve seldom seen a simple hat pattern that called for 22sts increase (110-88) after the ribbing. Maybe a beret but not a simple hat.

If you’re using the same size needles for the rib as for the rest of the hat your cast on might be OK.

I wrote to Earthguild to see if they could provide some clarification. Don’t rip out anything yet and stand by. I’ll let you know when I hear back.