Altering Size

I am attempting to make a pull-over sweater for my granddaughter. The pattern comes in smaller sizes than I need. What steps must I take to adjust the size? Please help!!

I’m still learning how to do this myself. It depends on how much bigger you need to make it, and I’d take in to consideration the difficulty of the pattern. If it is not a lot bigger that you need, you can sometimes just use slightly bigger needles if the gauge will still be acceptable, and coupled with that make the body and sleeves a tad longer. Of course those changes could change numbers used for picking up bands for buttons and neck, but that isn’t hard if you just pick up what “needs” to be picked up. Another way is to substitute bigger yarn and needles and make the body and sleeves longer. Another approach is to add more stitches, but that gets a little more complex depending on how complicated the pattern is, it can almost be redesigning. Others will offer more help.

What pattern are you using? Along with what Merigold said, it can be somewhat easy or quite complicated. This site has a freebie software that allows you to recalc gauge and items. But it works best with patts that don’t have complicated st patts or repeats. I’ve used it when designing or need to scale (diff yarn, ndls) and it’s worked very well.

ETA: If you end up making dramatic changes, the easiest way I’ve found to reconfig things like armholes, necklines, etc is to map out the orig on knitter’s graph paper (free online) and then remap it at the new sz/gauge. Takes mere mins and you’re guaranteed the shaping is correct. (No fiddling with calculator, etc)