Altering ribbon tank later?

I started knitting a ribbon tank (free pattern at

I am usually a size 6p, but sort of busty and so I chose to make the size where the finished bust is 37 inches (rather than the smallest size of 33 inch). I didn’t know how much the ribbon would stretch, and didn’t want it to be too tight across the bust. I am knitting from the bottom in the round, and now I see that it looks like it is going to be too big at the bottom (and maybe the top, too). So, the question is: can you sort of take in the sides by seaming it when it’s done? I’m not ripping out. Nuh uh. not me.

Also, some help on patten interpretation: when it says:

"When back measures length x, decrease 1 st at each edge every 12 rows: 3 times "

Does this mean you start counting rows once you are at length x, and decrease every 12 rows from there? Or do you do the FIRST decrease at length x, and then every 12 rows? ie do you decrease immediately at the given length , or wait until 12 rows from that point? (Already chose one way, but just wanted to know…)

Thanks :thinking: :thinking:

You start the decreases when you get to point X.

I’ve never taken in a knitted item, so I’m not sure how that would work. You can take part of your knitting off the needle and put it on waste yarn or another circ and try it on now to see how big it is.

That’s what I just did. It is SO far off that it definitely will need to be ripped out. At least that means a lot fewer stitches :rollseyes:

And a big knotted pile of ribbon yarn. Now I see one of the advantages of NOT knitting in the round. It’s easier to see what you’ve got earlier on…

You can always switch to two circs and try it on as you go periodically. Maybe you can avoid a huge pile of yarn if you ball as you frog. :frowning:

Thanks, Ingrid :smiley:

I worked alot this afternoon, and should be back to where I was in a couple of days. I’m finding that I am not that big a fan of the ribbon yarn, after all. Do you have any recommendations for a regular bulky yarn If i were to remake the tank later? (Seems I enjoy planning the knitting and buying the yarn more than the actual knitting, so I need something that knits up quickly…)

It really depends on what fiber you want to use.

another reason why i :heart: my denise’s - when i’m knitting in the round i just use one of those connector pieces to attach an additional length (or two) of denise cables so that i can try it on!