Altering Pattern

I’m knitting this Puerperium Cardigan for the fourth time but want to join it in the round after the increases to make it a pull-over if that makes sense - no buttons down the side. I’m not great at improvising, though and need pretty precise instructions to follow. Can anyone tell me exactly (like in dummy step-by-step terms) how I’d go about that transition?

It’s late here now, but I’ll take a look tomorrow.

Okay so do you want buttons on the top part or no buttons at all? I went to Ravelry and filtered for pullover in the projects. A lot of people also made it a pullover, but most left the buttons on the top part. This seems like the easiest way to do it. If you do it with the top buttons all you have to do is join in the round at the underarm which is basically row “31”, but the pattern starts you at row 1 again for the body. Then just knit round and round till you get to the end of the pattern or as long as you want it.

Yes, buttons from neck to underarm only. It’s really that simple? No transition? Thank you so much!!

Keep us posted and ask if you have any more questions! :slight_smile: