Altering increase and decrease on pattern

The sugar mountain beret pattern(ravelry) calls for Aran but I substituted it with worsted. I knitted a swatch and calculated that I needed to cast on 74 but I’m trying to figure out how to alter the increases and decrease for the amount that I casted on. The pattern include cables.

Mountain sugar beret:

Thank you.

74 sts is .88 of 84 sts so use that factor to multiply. You’re to inc 59 sts, so you’d inc 52 instead and end up with 126 sts. But you need a number divisible by 11 for the stitch pattern, so you fudge and inc to 121 instead. That way you can follow the charts, you’d just do the repeats a couple times less.

Worsted and aran are very close and are often used interchangeably. Here’s a yarn weight guide. Remember that knitting stretches so it really should be fine.

You can also use a smaller needle to get a smaller size if that’s what you need.

I think if I was you I’d make the yarn get gauge by changing needle sizes until it did or… another idea would be to cast on your 74 for the edge work the 10 rounds of ribbing and then increase up to the number they give to do the rest of the hat. Loose and slouchy is in right now anyway. :lol: If you think it would be too big you could go down a needle size.

That would mean increasing more sts though, which may make it too slouchy. Maybe something in between for the Cast on, like 80 sts would work out alright.

I knitted swatches on 3mm,4mm and 5mm, none of which gave me the gauge the pattern called for so I decided to go for the 4mm look. Let’s say I cast-on 74 and then M1 till there are 84 sts on the needle, wouldn’t the end result(since its only a substitute) drape or look differently? as oppose to trying to match the pattern with my substitute

I’ve only learned how many sts I need to cast-on when altering a pattern and I’d be lying to you if I told you I knew what .88 of sts was,and how did you figure out that I needed a # divisible by 11. I’ve also just thought myself how to read charts an hr ago.(sorry the math kills me sometimes). I dont know how to say this without sounding stupid but uhh… do you think you can dumb it down for me a little bit, kinesthetically speaking? :slight_smile: thank you

I’ve tried gauging with sz 4mm-5mm needles and none of them gave me the gauge the pattern called for. I decided to go with the sz 3 because I like the way it looked and thats where I derived a cast-on of 74 sts.

I used the decimal - .88 is 88%, so I was using that factor to get how many sts you would need to increase. But then I realized that the pattern repeat is 11 sts, so you need a number that’s divisible by 11 to get the charts to come out right. So you can increase to 110 or 121 sts then follow the charts.

Going from a 5mm to 3 mm is a big change and makes me think your yarn is very thin or you knit very loose. Which should mean that going down in stitch count as well as needle size would give you a really small hat. What is your sts/inch and which yarn is it?

Nooniewaters, I’m a little confused by the whole thing you have going here. Aran yarn should be a little thicker than worsted so supposedly with the worsted you would need more stitches not less.:?? First puzzle. You are trying to get 18sts=4inches worked over Stockinette. Most worsted should have no trouble getting that gauge and still look pretty good. Puzzle #2. Then you said you were using a 3mm needle to get gauge. I don’t have a needle that size, but it is slightly larger than a US2, smaller than a US3. That is a pretty small needle to work worsted on (not that I haven’t done it- I knit some socks in worsted on a US 3, but I got 25sts=4inches) and get a gauge that is bigger than 18sts=4inches, that would require you to use fewer stitches than called for. :?? Things don’t add up for me. How many stitches are you getting over 4 inches on the needles you think you want to use?

I wonder what yarn you are trying to use for your hat? I looked the Sublime cashmere merino silk Aran up and its suggested gauge is 18 sts=4inches on an 8, so this hat is right on gauge for this yarn, and not trying to work it particularly tight or loose. What is the suggested gauge for your yarn?

Sue did her figures based on the 74 stitches you think you need, compared to the 84 given in your pattern. If you divide 74 by 84 you get about .88 or 88%. She then multiplied the 59 sts your pattern said to increase by .88 and got 51.92 which she rounded to 52 stitches as the number you needed to increase to keep things in the same proportion as the original hat. She then added your cast on to the number increased: 74+52 and got 126. Since your pattern is a multiple of 11 you either have to go with 121 or 132 which are the two nearest multiples of 11. 11X11=121 and 11X12=132. I’m not good at math either, but since Sue figured it out I was able to figure out how she got those numbers. I try to avoid the “math heavy” fix to a problem whenever I can. :lol:

Sue and I are both wondering about your yarn and the stitch count you are getting with it. That would really help to solve the puzzles.

First I want to say thank you again for your help.

I am a very loose knitter and when I used sz 3mm I meant 4mm for gauge(ooppss) I got 12sts/3", which means I have 4sts/1’. The yarn is red heart’s soft touch,its worsted and the label says to use a sz 5mm. If is the hat is small I don’t mind just as long as it can still fit as a beret.

I knit fairly loose, but if I used that size needle on that yarn it would be quite stiff and probably lose the softness a beret requires. Interesting… :think:

How big a swatch did you make? I’m wondering if you need it larger to get a more accurate gauge? :shrug:

1.I just re-checked my needle and it says 4mm not 3mm.

2.I’m a pretty loose knitter so when I casted on for gauge I got 12sts/3" not the gauge the pattern calls for.

3.The suggest gauge on my yarn label is 20S/10cmx10cm, 26R/4x4 inches.

hope this help. If not 'll just go out and buy the yarn the pattern calls for. I was trying to avoid spending money on yarn but it looks like i might end up doing so.

3" wide x 2.5" length.

Use a lot bigger size, CO about 24 sts and knit at least 3", don’t use the edge sts when you measure; they’re not the same size and curl under which is why I think you only got 3" over 12 sts. I think the Soft yarn should work out, it’s normal gauge is 5 sts/inch and the pattern wants 4½ per inch. Those partial stitches are why you need to make a larger swatch. A size 6/4mm could work out okay at getting the gauge you need for the pattern since you’re a loose knitter. So try the yarn with more sts and see if it’s closer.

That yarn should totally work for this pattern. The Red Heart you have is supposed to work up to 20st=4 inches. Your pattern calls for 18=4 inches. The RH is 5st=1" and the pattern yarn is 4 1/2 sts=1". A difference, yes, but one the yarn should be able to do.

I agree with Sue and Jan, try a bigger swatch and see what you get. You were getting 12st=3" that is 4sts per inch or 16 for 4inches, so you only have to knit a little tighter. One size smaller needle might do it, or as they said maybe even the needle you are on done over a bigger swatch will reveal that you are on gauge. Don’t despair, gauge can be hard, especially when you are a loose knitter, because I have been, and I know. I have often needed several sizes smaller needle than stated on a yarn or pattern to get gauge. Also if you get very close but not right on, I think it will still work for you, it is a hat and they stretch. :slight_smile: