Altering finished top


Hello! I knit this top when I was a beginner knitter, and it came out much, much too big on the bust. Since then it’s been hanging out in my knitting basket, but it’s actually quite sweet so I wonder if I could fix it by creating new side seams and cutting out the excess? How would I go about doing this? I don’t have a sewing machine, so it would have to be done by darning needle or crochet hook. Thanks!


It’s a lovely top and I’m glad you’re going tomake it wearable. You can hand stitch near the new edges several times to stabilize the edges and then cut and seam. This is called steeking and there are several videos online for it but here’s one to get you started.


This was something new for me too. Maybe it would be stronger if one would do it quite tightly with something thinner first (like a sewing thread)? Then one could do it one time more with a yarn for getting the nice chain of V at the border.


Ok, so I have to steek it first, then cut, then seam? I was kind of hoping that I could seam using something like a crocheted seam, and then that would do a double function as both crocheted steek and seam, seeing as both methods are basically a normal crochet chain? Or am I being too bold? (I am aware of steeks as a concept, but have never attempted one before).


You can use a crochet seam to join the two sides but what would you do with the extra material that would be leftover? It seems to me that it would be too bulky to leave it inside the sweater.

If you’re planning to cut it out, you would need to stabilize the cut ends and that is the important part of the steek. When you stitch down the sides before cutting, you insure that the ends of yarn won’t pull out and unravel. Working with wool is an advantage because the wool strand grabs onto other strands, slightly felting. You may not have used wool so it would be even more critical to stitch the yarn strands together before cutting.

You can try both ways out on a swatch before you cut the top that you’ve made.