Altering a pattern!

So I found this awesome pattern on ravelry,

but I was thinking about adding a flap at the top. I want something simple so I can knit in names for everyone. I’ve never altered an existing pattern before, so I’m unsure where to start.

Instead of the latvian braid border that’s on it you could just knit an extra 3" or whatever to fold over. If you want stockinette remember to do reverse stockinette on top so when it folds over you will see the smooth side.

I kind of like the look of the latvian braid, do you think it would work to do that cast on, then pick up stitches to create a flap that way?

Bet it would. You could also just knit a flap and sew it on under the edge of the braid.

Messing with patterns is half of the fun :slight_smile: